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How Costly Is It to Not Engage Customers? 

If you've never thought about how you engage customers, then what's to stop them from becoming actively disengaged? Sometimes we set ourselves up for this! It even echoes back to us in the way we engage within our own organizations. ...
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3 Inspired Ways to Increase Customer Value

For leaders to make smart decisions about who the best, most loyal and most profitable customers are, they need to understand the makeup of the customer population.  This often means creating special loyalty programs, elite experiences, and special perks to maintain the top 1% ...

Are Your KPI's Leading You to a Disaster?

A few years ago, when I would mention “customer experience” to business people, I often received the same response. Smiling, nodding, then changing the subject or brushing me off completely. It just wasn't important enough to them at the time. ...

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