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Want Everyone in Your Organization to Understand What the Ideal Customer Experience Should Be, Support CX Initiatives, and Understand the True Value of Your Work?

CXI Ground School™

Build the Foundation for Intentional CX Initiatives that Support Your Organization’s Larger Goals

Let Chief Flight Instructor Jeannie Walters, CCXP, CSP, and the Experience Investigators Flight School Ground Crew Support You in Defining Your CX Mission – and What Success Looks Like for Your Organization

Before I joined [CXI Ground School and] CXI Flight School, we had a CX operations team that was doing everything we could in our own little siloed bubbles. My organization created a CX team, and now we are able to touch the entire company, the entire business at the enterprise level, our supply and demand, our contributors and our customers, and our core business. It was the perfect time for me to join CXI Flight School because people are really listening right now in the company and for better or for worse we're getting the attention we need to make an impact.
Eric Servant
CXI Ground School graduate and CXI Flight School member

As a customer experience leader, are you:

  • Frustrated that organizational leaders don’t understand or recognize the value you bring to the table…
  • Uncertain about how to get all employees to support CX …
  • Tired of taking a scattershot approach to implementing CX initiatives…
  • Fed up with measuring metrics and being a “number narrator”…

And instead wish that:

  • Leaders recognized that what’s good for the customer experience is great for the organization?
  • Employees fully embraced how they contribute to creating the customer experience?
  • You understood exactly how every new CX initiative fits into the larger customer experience mosaic?
  • You used data to strategically guide decision making and efforts to improve CX?

CXI Ground School™ will help.

Customers are having an experience with your brand … no matter what you do.

Will you choose to let it just happen – or will you intentionally design the customer experience in a way that supports organizational goals?

Creating Intentional Success with Customer Experience Starts with Two Critical Components

Customer Experience Mission Statement

A guiding statement for your organization around what the experience should be for each customer, every time … so employees understand how they contribute, whether they interact directly with customers or not.

Customer Experience Success Strategy

A strategic written description that clearly identifies what specific CX outcomes are most meaningful, how these outcomes align with organizational and leadership goals, and the metrics you’ll use to measure success.

And No – Your Organization’s Mission, Vision and Values Are NOT Enough

Many customer experience leaders think that they already have mission statements and success strategies. After all, their organizations have already developed mission and vision statements, as well as a list of values.

The problem? Even if the statements get close to painting a customer-centric picture … they don’t define how to achieve the vision.

The CX Mission Statement and CX Success Strategy work together to connect the dots between creating a great customer experience and succeeding as an organization, while providing a clear roadmap for aligning efforts behind the shared vision.

“I'm beginning conversations with my Customer Experience team to think about how our work impacts the bottom line. How does the work we do today help us retain our members? If we're able to retain just 50 more members in one year, that will be a significant economical impact to our organization. I would have had these conversations eventually, but because I’m in Flight School, I’m learning what questions to ask.”
Ana Duarte
CXI Ground School graduate and CXI Flight School member
“I joined CXI Flight School about 6 months ago, and it’s really helped me gain leadership buy-in by giving me the tools, concepts, vocabulary, ideas, and a way of thinking tying my customer experience goals to my company’s overall metrics and KPIs. Speaking that language with my leadership team has helped gain traction and resources for the program.”
Eric Servant

The Challenge? Creating These Critical Components on Your Own Can Be Hard

Connecting organizational and leadership goals and CX goals sounds easy. But it’s trickier than it seems … which is a big reason CX doesn’t always get the respect it deserves.

That’s where CXI Ground School comes in…

Build Your Foundation with a Proven Framework and Guidance from a Customer Experience Veteran

CXI Ground School is a guided 12-week journey through the process of building your CX Mission Statement and CX Success Strategy. 

You’ll be using the same framework and tools that Experience Investigators uses with its private consulting clients – but for a fraction of the investment.

Meet Your Chief Flight Instructor … Jeannie Walters, CCXP, CSP

Hi, I’m Jeannie Walters, Founder of Experience Investigators – and your Chief Flight Instructor in CXI Ground School. I am PASSIONATE about demystifying the process for improving customer experience and have been recognized as a trailblazer in the movement from “Reactive Customer Service” to “Proactive Customer and Employee Experience.” 

As a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP), a charter member of the Customer Experience Professionals Association, as well as Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) and member of the National Speakers Association, I’ve spoken to tens of thousands of people globally on the power of proactivity to increase brand loyalty.

I’ve partnered with MarketingProfs as a Masterclass Instructor and more than 500,000 people have learned from my 6 customer experience courses on LinkedIn Learning. I’ve published thousands of articles, and media like Forbes, The Chicago Tribune, The Wall Street Journal and NPR have featured my insights.

But despite reaching millions of people with my message … it hasn’t been enough. Too many committed CX professionals and organizations are being lost in the flood of information and ideas about how to “do” CX. As a result, too many days are being ruined.

My vision with CXI Ground School is to take you under my wing and guide you through the process of building a solid, flexible CX foundation using the same proven tools I use when consulting with recognized B2C and B2B brands like SurveyMonkey, Citrix, Verizon, BASF, Orangetheory Fitness and more.

You’ll handle the heavy lifting of completing assignments and taking action. But you can trust that everything we ask you to do has a purpose.

If you’re tired of spinning your wheels and wasting time on initiatives that may or may not achieve your bigger goals … it’s time to create the rock-solid foundation for your CX program. It’s time for CXI Ground School.

I love the way Jeannie combines the personal and professional in the most meaningful way.
Clint S.

Get the Flight Plan and Expert Guidance You Need to Soar

Up until now, you’ve been able to get help from Experience Investigators in two ways:

  • Private consulting and coaching … which is out of financial reach for many organizations that desperately need the competitive edge that great CX offers.
  • Learning from our founder, Jeannie Walters, CCXP, CSP, on a podcast, LinkedIn Live, keynote speech, or even one of her popular LinkedIn Learning courses – all great information, but YOU have to figure out how to implement what you learn.

CXI Ground School helps you go further – faster, more accurately, and with less effort – by walking you through the process of building your foundation and giving you expert feedback.

What You'll  Receive When You Enroll in CXI Ground School™

Learning Online Hero Image

A guided 12-week journey through foundational CX training with Jeannie Walters, CCXP, CSP

(A $12,000 minimum value)

On-demand video training, detailed workbooks, and actionable deliverables to help you craft a CX Mission Statement and CX Success Statement

(A $5,000 minimum value)

student girl writting on a paper
Jeannie Walters at Linkedin Learning

Jeannie’s high-level real-time feedback on your CX Mission Statement and CX Success Strategy (if desired and submitted)

(A $2,000 minimum value)

Invitations to participate in breakout sessions to discuss concepts with other CX professionals

(A $1,000 minimum value)

man on a video conference call with customer experience colleagues

Plus Receive a 12-Week Membership to CXI Flight School™ - FREE

CXI  Navigator™
Intentional Success
Cultural Commitment
Customer Collaboration
Experiential Innovation

CXI Flight School is our high-level development experience where CX leaders from around the world learn from Jeannie how to build out their CX programs.

Each month, they continue the foundational work that you’ll do in CXI Ground School, working through the Experience Investigators proprietary CXI Navigator™ framework and customizing their mosaic of CX strategies and tools in the 4 key pillars of customer experience.

When you enroll in CXI Ground School, you’ll have access to these exclusive resources for 12 weeks. Bring your questions about your CX Mission Statement and CX Success Statement to the monthly Q&A calls … and dive into the other resources as your time and interest allow.

Learning Online Hero Image

Exclusive opportunity to ask questions directly to Jeannie Walters during live monthly Q&A calls

(A $3,500 minimum value)

Continued learning in the form of LIVE monthly workshops with Jeannie Walters to help me continue building out our CX program

(A $3,000 minimum value)

student girl writting on a paper
A hand holding a pen with four check boxes checked

The opportunity for (optional) accountability check-ins to publicly commit to progress

(A $500 minimum value)

Real-world case studies and inspiring interviews from successful peers on the CX frontlines

(A $1,000 minimum value)

happy businessman texting on mobile phone while working on laptop in the office

Weekly communications from Jeannie to keep you inspired and on track to implement

(A $1,500 minimum value)

Special pricing for specific engagements if you want to share Jeannie’s inspiration and expertise within your organization

(A $15,000 minimum value)


Participation in and access to cutting-edge research about CX trends and best practices

(A $3,000 minimum value)

CXI Flight School membership is currently $1,500/quarter. 
Your first 12 weeks are included free with your CXI Ground School enrollment.

CXI Ground School™ Is RIGHT for You If …

But It’s NOT a Good Fit if…

A Modest Investment That Will Pay Off For Years

The tools and incredible support you’ll receive as a member of CXI Ground School are worth tens – even hundreds – of thousands of dollars. Experience Investigators consulting services start at $20,000 for a 1-day, onsite engagement, and private coaching with Jeannie Walters, CCXP, starts at $3,500.

As a member of CXI Ground School, you’ll get 24/7 access to the proven tools and framework needed to build your CX Mission Statement and CX Success Statement – plus Jeannie’s feedback on your documents.

Plus, during your 12-week membership in CXI Flight School (a $1,500 value), you’ll also get unprecedented access to Jeannie each month … plus newly updated, expanded, and revised tools to install the CXI Navigator framework in your organization step by step, month by month.

Your investment for CXI Ground School (including a 12-week complimentary membership in CXI Flight School) is just $1,500.

It’s an investment that will produce a positive return quickly – and for years to come. By creating the foundation that connects CX goals directly to organizational goals, aligns team efforts, and helps identify initiatives that will create measurable impact, you’ll help your organization:

  • Get clear on how to best improve the customer experience in ways that achieve organizational goals
  • Empower all employees to see how their efforts impact CX – even if they don’t work directly with customers
  • Stop wasting time and money on CX initiatives that sound good, but don’t produce the results you want
  • Leverage customer experience as a way to innovate and stand out from the competition
  • Reframe CX as a strategic advantage that builds customer loyalty, referrals, and lifetime value

A Special Offer for CX Teams

Are you fortunate enough to be working with a CX team? Developing a CX Mission Statement and CX Success Strategy is definitely a group effort.

To make it easier to get all members of your team on the same page when it comes to what it takes to properly create these critical documents, we have a special offer:

Purchase 3 seats in CXI Ground School for the investment of 2!
(And yes, all 3 members of your team will get access to CXI Flight School for 12 full weeks!)

Are You Ready to  Start Building ?

Imagine laying a rock-solid foundation for your CX program … so that every initiative you implement aligns with your organization’s goals – and is likely to succeed.

Imagine being able to look at the vast array of ideas and CX initiatives … knowing exactly which ones make the most sense for your organization – and what to work on next.

Imagine not having to fight to be heard in meetings … and instead having your peers and supervisors seeking (and valuing) your input.

Imagine not having to justify your department’s existence … because your organization’s leaders understand exactly how CX supports the bottom line.

That’s what becomes possible when you create a CX Mission Statement and CX Success Strategy … intentionally designing the experience you want your customers to have, aligning efforts throughout your organization to achieve that vision, and helping every individual understand the unique role they play in serving your customers.

That’s what we’ll create together in CXI Ground School. Apply today.

Frequently Asked Questions about CXI Ground School™

Q: What is the difference between CXI Ground School and CXI Flight School?
A: CXI Ground School is where you’ll build the foundation for intentional CS initiatives that support your organization’s larger goals.

CXI Flight School is our high-level development experience where CX leaders from around the world learn from Jeannie how to build out their CX programs. Each month, they continue the foundational work that you’ll do in CXI Ground School, working through the Experience Investigators proprietary CXI Navigator™ framework and customizing their mosaic of CX strategies and tools in the 4 key pillars of customer experience.

When you enroll in CXI Ground School, you’ll have access to the exclusive resources within CXI Flight School for 12 weeks (a $1,500 instant savings). Bring your questions about your CX Mission Statement and CX Success Strategy to the monthly Q&A calls … and dive into the other resources as your time and interest allow.

Q: How much time is required to participate in CXI Ground School? 
A: We recommend setting aside at least 2-3 hours each week.

You’ll have access to instructional videos that guide you through the process of creating your CX Mission Statement and CX Success Strategy. These videos are available 24/7 in a private online training portal, so you can watch (and rewatch) when and where it’s most convenient for you.

During your 12-week complimentary membership to CXI Flight School, you’ll also have access to a live learning workshop and a live Q&A with Jeannie Walters, CCXP. Each event lasts 1 hour.

If you participate in the action assignments given to CXI Flight School members, you’ll also have action assignments each month, and that’s where the answer becomes “it depends.” Some action assignments may take longer than others. Another variable is whether you are creating your CX program from scratch or you’re starting to uplevel and refine your program.

What’s unique about our approach to CX is that we don’t view customer experience as a linear, A-to-Z checklist. Instead, the CXI Navigator™ model is to build a solid foundation (what we’ll help you do during CXI Ground School), and then you create a unique mosaic of strategies in 4 key areas (what we’ll help you do in CXI Flight School).

For each lesson, we’ll offer guidance for how to implement based on whether you’re just starting out or you’re perfecting an established program.

Q: How long does CXI Ground School last?
A: CXI Ground School is a 12-week experience. We’ll work with you to create a rock-solid foundation for your CX program – one that helps you prioritize CX initiatives, get buy-in and support from key stakeholders, measure and prove ROI, and systematically build a thriving CX program.

When CXI Ground School ends, you’ll be invited to renew your enrollment in CXI Flight School on a quarterly basis. (Remember, you get 12 weeks of complimentary access to CXI Flight School as a part of CXI Ground School.)

You may participate in CXI Flight School indefinitely. There is no official end to the program, because CX is a discipline of continual improvement. 

Q: How is CXI Ground School and CXI Flight School different than the CCXP?
A: CXI Ground School and CXI Flight School offer guidance and support from Jeannie Walters, CCXP, CSP, to design, prioritize and implement CX initiatives within your organization. Our goal is to help you gain clarity about what your organization needs and guidance on how to achieve the results you want in the most efficient way possible.

CXI Ground School and CXI Flight School do not prepare you for certification, nor are these programs a certification.

The Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) credential, offered by the Customer Experience Professionals Association, is the marker of a committed customer experience professional who has demonstrated the wide range of knowledge essential to manage the customer experience in today’s challenging environment. We are delighted to refer any CXI Ground School or CXI Flight School members who are interested in the CCXP to a select list of highly qualified CX trainers.

Q: Do you have anything to help me explain the value of CXI Ground School and CXI Flight School to my supervisor?
A: Yes! We’ve prepared an email that you can copy and send to your supervisor. Feel free to add your own comments and/or otherwise tweak the language to suit your needs. You can access the message here.

Q: How will my organization’s privacy be protected?
A: CXI Ground School cohorts work differently than other cohorts you may have belonged to in the past.

Although you will be moving through the program with a group of CX leaders (your cohort), you won’t be sharing or discussing your CX initiatives or CXI Ground School action assignments with your peers.

You’ll have the opportunity to submit assignments to the CXI Ground School team for accountability and for Jeannie’s review. You’ll also be able to volunteer to have Jeannie offer feedback on your submissions during group calls and/or working sessions with your cohort. However, if your submission is chosen for group review, you and your organization will remain anonymous.

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