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Meet Jeannie Walters, CCXP, CSP

Keynotes & Content Designed to Inspire Action .

Jeannie delivers hard truths with lightheartedness to engage audiences & help them take their next great step.

It’s why audiences call her their Business Bestie.

Have you witnessed that…

Customer Experience is misunderstood and undervalued.

It’s more than satisfaction metrics and being nice.

CX is a Mindset, a Strategy, and a Discipline.

But to impact the entire organization

CX is a embraced by the entire organization.

How do you create buy-in – and bottom-line impact?

You root your CX in solid strategy. Collaborate with customers. Innovate relentlessly.

All in a way that’s customized to your vision, your resources, and your customers


(Forget cookie-cutter approaches and rigid prescriptions).

That’s where Jeannie can help…

Inspire, Educate, & Empower Your Audience

As the founder of Experience Investigators, Jeannie has spent more than 20 years helping Fortune 500s and SMBs alike find clarity in the world of customer experience.

It’s why brands like Verizon, Citrix, and Allstate have trusted her to help them better deliver for their customers.

In her keynotes, webinars, guest articles and media appearances, Jeannie teaches audiences how to turn insights into action so they can make a meaningful impact.

Jeannie is...

After doing quite a bit of research...we landed on Jeannie and we struck gold. People were lining up to talk to Jeannie after her presentation because of the way the lightbulbs were coming on for them.
Samantha Lang
Content Director, SAP Litmos

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Partners & Events Include...

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