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Why Journey Map? 3 Problems They Can Solve

Why Create Customer Journey Maps? Journey maps can be extraordinarily impactful upon how an organization approaches their products, services, and interactions. They are also often widely misunderstood. Stop for a moment and imagine a customer journey map in your mind. ...
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Solving 2020’s CX Challenges: 3 Influencers from SAP SAPPHIRE Weigh In

Listen to this article A special thanks to Sarbjeet Johal, Theodora Lau, and Sarah Evans for their contributions to this article. There's never been a year quite like 2020. Large organizations in every industry are grappling with strategic plans and ...
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Create Happier Customers & Employees: 7 Ways to Turn Empathy Into Action

What Does Employee and Customer Empathy Really Mean, Anyway? What do you think of when you hear the word empathy? How about customer empathy? Employee empathy? We know that the best brands in the world create empathy for both employees and ...
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How to Reduce Customer Effort Before it Can Build Up

How can organizations help customers avoid the effort in the first place? There are 5 core methods to effectively reduce customer effort: Dive into root cause analysis Solicit open-ended feedback Put the customer at the center of your efforts Look ...
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A Call for Representation in Customer Experience

We Must Ask the Tough Questions. It's not business as usual in the United States. It hasn't been since the May 25th police killing of George Floyd, and the resulting days of protests in America -- and increasingly, across the ...
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Improve Your Voice of the Customer Program: Focus on These 3 Things

My client walked me into the lobby of their shiny new headquarters. He exclaimed: "You'll love this! We have the Voice of the Customer on screens everywhere!" The first screen I saw, behind the receptionist, rotated between company logos, inspirational ...
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Service Blueprinting and the Next Normal

How can leaders best prepare for the next normal? Service blueprinting may be the answer. What is the Next Normal? Organizations are planning for a phase of reopening including determining how customers can safely make purchases to how many employees ...
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5 Ways to Connect the Learner’s Journey to the Employee Journey

I’m really encouraged by the amount of focus and attention leaders are beginning to put on the employee experience. Not the specific role or job deliverables, but the overall well-being and journey that an employee takes with their employer. Understanding the journey from ...
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How to Pitch New CX Initiatives & Overcome Objections of Decision-Makers

Getting Decision-Makers to approve new customer experience initiatives has rarely been easy. Customer experience, a business discipline late to the business doctrine party, has often been told to sit at the kids' table and be quiet while the adults chat. ...
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How to Revise Employee Experience for Social Distancing

Today's employee experience is not what people were promised. The employee experience today, with social distancing, distributed teams, and different expectations, is a far cry from what most of our employees have come to expect and rely upon. While some ...
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