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How Learning Well Can Improve the Experience for Customers

The goal of learning in any workplace is to be, well, better. Better at serving customers. Better at increasing efficiency. Better at employee development. Better at staying ahead of the competition. All of that is achievable with the options in learning today, but ...
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5 Ways to Instill Customer Focused Values Throughout your Organization

Customer Experience Leaders Have a Global Customer Focus Even after over a decade of helping small and large businesses alike, I still meet leaders who believe that Customer Experience is just about so much call-center scripts or proper protocol around ...
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CX Education Never Stops: Lessons in Learning for Every CX Leader

Do you consider yourself a life-long learner? Most successful people are. Bill Gates famously reads more than 50 books per year and has stated that you don't get old until you stop learning. Better yet, lifelong learning leads to a ...
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CX Live Munich Recap: 3 Universal CX Challenges for Big Brands

"We're unique, and so are the CX challenges we face." That's what we like to believe. We like to believe this about ourselves, our brands and our customers. We have bigger and badder challenges than our competitors...because of the size ...
Jeannie Walters & Manuel Grencacher at SAP CX Live Munich

Does Your Sales Team Have Bad CX Habits?

Leaders want to deliver exceptional experiences. We all want to deliver for our customers, starting with a sales experience that builds trust between our organization and our buyers. After all, sales sets the stage for the entire customer journey. Sales is where current challenges ...
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4 Ways the Experts Master Journey Mapping

Customer journey mapping can be a powerful tool to help you truly understand your customers, innovate around new ways to serve them, and identify gaps in their journey. But, that’s only if the map is used as a tool and ...
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The Future of CX: Five Customer Experience Trends for 2020 and Beyond

What Does the Future of CX Look Like? It's crystal ball time! If you know how critical Customer Experience is to the happiness of your customers and your team (and if you're reading this, I'm willing to bet you are,) ...
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Three Ways to Supercharge Your Sales Training for a Winning Customer Experience

Customer experience, in all its complexity, really is about one thing to your customers: Expectations. Think about your own journeys as a customer. Have you ever been disappointed? Most likely, your story starts with a “They promised me..” and ends ...

Three Customer Experience Details Most C-Suite Leaders Overlook

The C-Suite Leader was asking a seemingly straightforward question: What is customer experience, really? Now, this person was no slouch. This was a high-achieving, take-no-prisoners, BOSS of a person who I respect. And I was struggling to answer. I didn't ...
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Happy CX Day 2019!

Happy CX Day 2019! Customer experience professionals, enthusiasts and change agents around the world are celebrating today. CX Day is all about celebrating our success, learning from our amazing community, and looking to the future of customer experience. If you ...
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