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Keeping a Customer-Centric Culture During Social Distancing

It's probably safe to say that few of our organizations, no matter how well-meaning, eased perfectly into these new routines of working from home and distancing ourselves physically from our workplaces, our colleagues, our teams and our customers. There is ...
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What Your Customer Experience Team Needs Now

Another week, another glimpse into the uncertain. Many of us are working from home, managing remotely at the same time as managing our family's needs and our own physical and emotional health. We will get through this. And right now ...
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What CX Leaders Can Predict in a Crisis

It feels a little tricky to try to predict anything these days... but I'm going to ask you to try. Knowing how much uncertainty is out there, it can be tempting to throw up our hands and say our customer ...
What can Customer Experience Leaders Expect?

How to Keep Your Customer Experience Momentum

We are faced with unprecedented challenges. Not just our organizations, but our whole world. We toss around terms like social distancing and pandemic in ways we couldn't have imagined a few short weeks or even days ago. We are in ...
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How to Use Imperfect Data to Deliver a Perfect Customer Experience

Customer experience solutions are readily available these days.   There are robust platforms that promise a seamless journey for your customers. There are feedback tools to help you gather JUST the perfect, most meaningful insights. There are data sets and analytics ...
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The “What’s Next” of Customer Journey Mapping

Customer journey mapping can be a powerful tool to truly understand your customers, innovate around new ways to serve them, and identify gaps in their journey. But, that’s only if the map is used as a tool and not an ...
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The Experience Economy’s Joseph Pine on Actionable Ways to Engage Customers

The Experience Economy, written by B. Joseph Pine II and and James H. Gilmore, was originally published in 1999. It painted a picture of how experience could be a driver in business in a way that nobody was talking about ...
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The Best Free (and Cheap) Customer Experience Training Courses Online

  by Jeannie Walters Get 30 Days of Linkedin Learning FREE Get access to all three of Jeannie's Customer Experience courses and 14,000+ more.Plus, get Jeannie's weekly letter with insights unavailable anywhere else. Let's get started. You will receive occasional emails ...
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Common Customer Experience Training Obstacles — And Their Solutions

CX Training Takes a Cross-Functional Team. There's a reason we use the term "it takes a village" when referring to educating children. Learning is an ongoing process that requires more than one point of input or opinion. We'd never send ...
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CX Training Can Make You Happier… Here’s How To Get Started

Learning Makes You Happier -- Science Shows it. Have you ever experienced a "conference high?"  Not, I'm not talking about what happens when you skip out on the afternoon session because you got a whiff of something "totally legal in ...
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