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On-Site, Virtual or Hybrid Customer Experience Workshops to Train Your Team

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Building a Foundation for Your Customer Experience Program Can Be Hard

How many of these challenges can you relate to?

Customer Experience Training Workshops with Experience Investigators Will Get Your Team Aligned and Making Progress

1. Discuss Your Needs

Let’s discuss where your organization is now, the business results you want to impact, and what you need to achieve your CX goals. We’ll help you decide which workshop(s) will get you where you want to go.

2. Design Your Event

Workshops can be delivered as on-site, virtual, or hybrid events. Session lengths range from 1-3 days. We can even help present results and recommendations to your leadership team.

3. Enjoy Your Workshop

From pre-workshop planning sessions to post-event deliverables and a debrief session, every aspect of your workshop is designed to create alignment, results, and progress toward your CX goals.

Explore Our Most Popular Customer Experience Training Workshops Topics

Build Your Customer Experience Foundation with the CXI® Navigational Series

Part 1: Build Your CX Mission Statement

Your CX Mission Statement is the “North Star” that guides all customer experience efforts. Tying into your tools and processes, it’s a tool that can be actively used daily.
The CX Mission Statement Series is a 3-part series for a cross-functional cohort of 6-12 stakeholders.

Part 2: Build Your CX Success Statement

Your CX Success Statement defines how “success” is tracked, measured and executed within your customer experience efforts, connecting CX goals to larger organizational goals.
The CX Success Statement Series is a 3-part series for a cross-functional cohort of 6-12 stakeholders.

Part 3: Build Your CX Charter Statement

Your CX Charter Statement defines the roles and responsibilities of your team in creating consistent experiences for your customer.
The CX Charter Statement Series is a 2-part series for a cross-functional cohort of 6-12 stakeholders.

Identify and Prioritize Improvements with CXI® Customer Journey Mapping and CXI® Employee Journey Mapping

Covid-19 Journey Mapping Hero Image

Customer Journey Maps (CJMs) help you understand how your customers (or members) experience your brand. Use CJMs to find points of friction; uncover duplication of efforts; stress-test new processes, products, services, or offerings for your customers; and even envision long-term changes to improve the experience for all your customers.

Most organizations do not have a clear picture of what their customer truly experiences – and this leads to failed customer experience outcomes. Understanding the details of your customer journey will help identify the pain points, challenges, and opportunities.

The result is prioritized improvements that will drive lasting results. Our workshops are designed to help you build a journey map for a single journey and a single existing customer persona.

Employee journey mapping (EJM) uses the same concepts and best practices of customer journey mapping to help you:

  • Understand your employee experience better
  • Provide the resources, tools and support employees need
  • Align employees’ daily actions and accountabilities with the customer experience
  • And more

Mapping out employee journeys doesn’t only affect the employees in your organization. It also impacts the customers they serve – so employee journey mapping directly affects customer experience!

If you don’t fully understand what your employees go through, you won’t understand why they aren’t serving customers the way you expect.

Mapping your employee journey helps spot the rough spots, challenges, and chances to do better. Our workshops help you build a journey map for a single journey and a single employee persona.

Additional Support to Help You Increase Understanding and Buy-In for Your Customer Experience Initiatives

Organizational leaders don’t always understand the true power of Customer Experience in achieving organizational goals and increasing customer loyalty, referrals, and lifetime value.

We can help you make your case.

Executive Presentation to Explain Your Customer or Employee Journey Map

Executive and employee buy-in is integral to the success of customer experience initiatives. We’ll deliver a one-hour presentation with your company’s executive team and department leaders to review your Customer or Employee Journey Map & Recommendations Report. We’ll share the powerful insights and results, answer questions, and ease any potential fears to assist your CX leaders with those hurdles.

Enhanced and Branded Customer or Employee Journey Map

A picture is worth a thousand words … and in many scenarios, a professionally designed, polished version of a document has more impact than a basic version.

Our design team is available to create an eye-catching presentation version of your Customer Journey Map – ideal to present to your executive team.

Customer/Employee Validation

Most executive teams will ask for ROI when investing in any project. Testing our hypothesis map with your customers (or employees) is a compelling piece of proof to not only validate the Customer (or Employee) Journey Map, but also to ease pushback when attempting to invest in more customer experience strategy initiatives. We’ll work with your customers or employees in a co-creation session or interviews to validate the findings of the hypothesis map.

Proving the Value of Customer Experience

The 3 Biggest Areas of Potential ROI and How to Invest Strategically to Maximize Results

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