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Do You Know Sandals and Socks Guy? Get to Know YOUR Customers!

Personalization was a big trend at SXSW and it’s no surprise. Humans like when people recognize us. We want to feel known and heard. We want to be seen as the unique individuals we are.

What this means for some companies is getting to know customers in really great ways.

Quirky Customer Personas

I became aware of PEMCO Insurance a few years ago when I met Rod Brooks, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, and heard about their affinity and dedication to the people of the Northwest region of the United States. They are a regional provider, and very, very proud of it. They get to know their customers and communicate with them in the ways that create major engagement.

This is especially prevalent in the Northwest Profiles campaign, which includes hilariously accurate television ads, trading cards, and identities like “Sandals and Socks Guy.”

Get to Know Your Customers
Seriously, you need to see them all! 😀


I knew PEMCO was a special company for identifying and communicating with customers in such a unique and powerful way. That’s why I was so excited about interviewing Rod for our podcast, Crack The Customer Code, which I co-host with Adam Toporek.

Rod shared how they learned about their customers in many ways, and then had to respect what they learned. Customers told PEMCO they would respect companies who were local, who knew them, but they had to prove it. Rod and his team took this as a rallying cry. How can we do that? How can we prove we know them in the ways they want?

Super Fans FTW

Rod shares how understanding customers translates into creating special moments for customers and employees alike.

The 2014 Seattle Seahawks Superbowl run was an opportunity to recognize who employees are by providing unique opportunities like photo backdrops with the “Seahawks Super Fan” who is one of their profiles. The parking lot and corporate lobby were transformed into reflections of Seahawk central fan areas! So cool.

'...there's so many other times that we touch our customers... and it's not obvious.' - Rod BrooksClick To Tweet

Any company can learn from Rod and PEMCO. How can you really get to know your customers? Listen to hear about ways dedication and small moments matter. Viewing small moments of understanding with customers and employees can lead to great big dividends.

You can hear the whole episode here, where we also discuss how Pad & Quill uniquely packages their product to create delightful moments for their customers.

You should probably listen to hear more about it, don’t you think?

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