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Real Brand Advocacy Comes From Real People

Is brand advocacy for real? When we talk about brand advocacy, we are not talking about spokespeople, but real people who have a real affinity with your product or company. It’s great to have a celebrity or someone with clout ...

Where Are Your Customer Advocates Hiding Out?

Here at 360Connext, we believe that all companies have someone on board who truly has the customers' best interest at heart. But where ARE your customer advocates, and are they being heard? Customer advocacy is not marketing speak. But somewhere ...

The Golden Ticket to Rewarding Customers?

As we mentioned earlier this month, we are exploring ways to reward loyalty. The game is changing quickly, and some companies are coming up with very different approaches. One company in particular has begun testing a program that gives customers ...

February is the Month of Love!

Jeannie has a little video message for all of you. This is her first solo video, so be kind!

Jeannie Walters: Micromoments Lead to TEDx Engagement!

Have you ever had a computer program scold you and you have no idea why? Have you ever been following signs that lead you nowhere at a business? These little moments help pave the way for customer loyalty. Our own Chief ...

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