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Insights On Mutual Loyalty: Is It A Two-Way Street?

The following is a Best of 360Connext post. Business leaders often fret over ways to gain and keep customer loyalty, but what about the other way around? Most companies, I’d argue, don’t demonstrate mutual loyalty to their customers. Is this ...

Customer Loyalty: Is It A Two-Way Street?

We've been having some fun over at the 360Connext Facebook wall (have you LIKED us yet!?) and started posting trivia questions this week. On Mondays, we're posting a fun trivia question and the winner gets a prize! No, really. :) This ...

Jeannie Walters: Micromoments Lead to TEDx Engagement!

Have you ever had a computer program scold you and you have no idea why? Have you ever been following signs that lead you nowhere at a business? These little moments help pave the way for customer loyalty. Our own Chief ...

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