Proving the Value of Customer Experience

The 3 Biggest Areas of Potential ROI and How to Invest Strategically to Maximize Results

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“Is customer experience worth it?”

You might be secretly wondering … and you might even be hearing this question directly from skeptical C-Level executives.

It’s a trick question. Because customer experience (CX) is happening no matter what you do – or don’t do. Done well, CX can meaningfully improve your organization’s bottom line, while CX left ignored can meaningfully hurt it.

Ready to strategically leverage CX to achieve organizational goals? Join Jeannie Walters, CCXP, CSP, for an information-packed exploration of how to prove the value of customer experience.

After more than 20 years of working with numerous Fortune 500 companies and clients in dozens of industries, Jeannie knows what it takes to not only get C-Level support for CX, but how to prioritize for maximum ROI. Reserve your spot now to discover:

  • Why customer experience can’t exist in a vacuum and what you absolutely must tie CX efforts to if you want the investment to be seen as “worth it”
  • The #1 short-sighted mistake that most organizations make when trying to hit their business goals – and how refocusing on CX will help
  • 3 critical ways that investing in customer experience can help your organization increase revenue and profitability
  • How to into CX initiatives – and how to determine whether your investments are paying off

Plus, you’ll learn how to explain the value of CX to your organizational leaders to create greater buy-in and financial investment for future CX initiatives.

We Work with Organizations Like Yours

We Work with Organizations Like Yours

About Your Guide … Jeannie Walters, CCXP, CSP

Jeannie Walters, CCXP, CSP, is an award-winning customer experience expert, international keynote speaker, and Founder of Experience Investigators, a firm helping companies increase sales and customer retention through elevated customer experiences.

Trailblazing the movement from “Reactive Customer Service” to “Proactive Customer Experience,” Jeannie is considered the leading authority for improving both employee and customer relationships.

Jeannie is a charter member of the Customer Experience Professionals Association, having worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies including Orangetheory Fitness, SAP, Comcast, and JPMorgan Chase; an educator whose 6 Linkedin Learning courses have been watched by more than 500,000 learners; and a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) and Professional Member of the National Speakers Association, speaking to tens of thousands of people across three continents.

What CX Leaders Are Saying ...

“I would highly recommend Jeannie to anyone who wants to stretch their thinking about what's possible for game-changing customer experience.”
Deborah Reuben, CLFP, Founder & CEO, Tomorrowzone
“Jeannie Walters is the Nancy Drew of Customer Experience. She's a great sleuth who follows the clues until she figures out what's really going on and how to improve it!”
Jennifer Moldanado, Manager Support Insights & Training Manager, Activision