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[Experience Action Podcast] Getting Serious about CX

❔”Our organization has talked a lot about customer experience, and we always say that the customer comes first. We want to get more intentional, more serious about [CX], but we’re not really sure where to get started. Do we need to hire someone who is just focused on CX and can lead our organization in building customer experience initiatives and activities, or is there a way for us to do this more organically with the team that we have? …Once we start to get people aligned, where do we begin? How do we make [CX] something that is impactful for our business?” ❔

These are great questions! Jeannie Walters says that if you are not asking these questions, then you are probably just coasting. As she walks through some of the ways to address CX leadership and strategy, think about where you are with your organization. Examine if you are being as intentional and proactive as you could be around customer experience strategy – and if not, what’s stopping you. In this episode, Jeannie outlines some steps to take and people to include to get you set in the right direction toward successful CX. Be that CX Change Agent – you can move forward with CX wherever you are in your organization!

Resources Mentioned:
CX Mission Statement Workbook
CX Success Statement Workbook

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