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[Experience Action Podcast] Customer Service vs Customer Experience

❔”I love how you discuss the difference between customer service and customer experience. I work with people who really believe they understand customer service so there’s nothing to worry about. How do I get them to see that we should focus on customer experience, not just customer service?”❔

We need both customer service and customer experience to have a successful business. Customer service is essentially a reactive process. Customer experience is about being proactive and intentional. It’s about designing the journey for our customers so they can get what they need and achieve their goals in the most delightful and effortless way possible. When we do this well, we all win – customers and businesses! Customer service is just one piece of the puzzle. In this episode, Jeannie Walters shares how you can help your colleagues understand that customer experience is a fundamental business strategy that provides a holistic approach beyond reactive problem-solving.

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