Digital Moments of Truth: Are You Mapping the Micro?

How do you know if your customer experience is working? REALLY working?

creating a customer journey map

Analytics and data tell you part of the story.

If the numbers go up, then you can believe things are working, right? And if the numbers tell you a different story, then you better shape up your experience.

But the world is changing very, very quickly. We are adapting to new ways of working and serving customers. Our products are offered in channels we only dreamed about a few years ago. Data only collects information it’s designed to gather. And analysis requires knowing the true question to answer.

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With the pace of our world today, it’s incredibly challenging to keep up with what customers expect in any part of the journey, but especially the digital experiences. Several years ago, we started realizing how diverse the term “digital experience” could be, even around the same process.

For example, the device you use, like an iPad versus a laptop, has a huge impact on the experience you may have, but organizations often overlook testing things this way.

There are many things that get in the way of understanding your customer’s journey.

Not getting into the micro moments is a key way to get it wrong! Your customers have to deal with these small moments, so ignoring them or considering them as “not important” is not fair.

Do you know what’s chasing your customers away?

Have you tried creating a customer journey map? Is it a living tool that reflects the true digital experiences your customers encounter?

Image credit: Johan Larsson via Creative Commons license

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