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3 Ways to Add Magic to your Customer Service Training

What do customers talk about after interacting with your company?

Most likely, one of two things happens. They tell their friends all about the painful, frustrating experience of an interaction gone wrong. Or…they tell their friends how happy they were with the service of such an exceptionally helpful, friendly representative for your company. In fact, these types of interactions make customers not only sing the praises of the person, but the company, too.

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Your superstars are among you. Do you know them?

They are happily providing exceptional experiences to customers. They are on top of the latest issues, and they have solutions for those issues, whether or not they are in the scripts or handbooks. They are the ones who have higher satisfaction rates and NPS scores. They are the ones you wish all your reps could be like.

So why do so many leaders miss the opportunities to not only recognize and reward these superstars, but train others like them, as well?

Once you find your service superstars, it’s time to find out what makes them tick. What makes them keep their cool when others would lose it? What drives them to go the extra mile in a particularly challenging customer situation?

Study your superstars.

Don’t assume they follow your rules. Many of them probably don’t. Observe how they interact with customers and what makes those ratings so high. Then it’s time to start creating a system around making your superstars shine brighter and your next-tier employees become the superstars you know they can be.

So you know who your customer service superstars are, now what?

1. Ask them what is NOT working for them.

You better believe they have workarounds! Maybe there is no appropriate way to record a common complaint. Or perhaps they have found a way to explain something about billing better than the invoice copy itself. Find out what they are doing to make things right, then fix the core issues causing those complaints.


2. Invite your superstars to recognize the superstars of the future.

Deputize your top performers to really nurture those around them. If they see someone with potential, provide tools and recognition to help them develop that talent. Offer incentives to help them help others.

3. Post and promote customer feedback everywhere!

Your superstars probably get a lot of compliments after helping customers. Don’t let those words sit in some database. Promote those words in every way you can, even daily! Help others hear WHY it worked.

Great companies share recognition in creative ways to inspire their customer service superstars.

  • Rackspace, known for their “fanatical” customer support, awards a straitjacket to the “fanatic” who delivers exceptional experiences for customers.
  • Zappos throws parades and parties for their service superstars!
  • Southwest Airlines showcases their employees on their advertising and marketing materials.

What can you do to learn from your superstars and help them shine even brighter? What can you do to nurture the next class of service valedictorians?

Understand them, nurture them, recognize them and learn from them. Of course they will thank you, but your customers will appreciate having superstar service, too!

This post was written for, and a version originally appeared in the Intradiem Real-time Frontline blog

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