CX Q&A: Answers to Your Top Customer Experience Questions

Customer Experience Questions require a CX Community.

In March of 2020, as Covid-19 first began disrupting the way we live and work, my team and I decided to put together a live webinar, called What Can CX Leaders Expect? to discuss how we could all prepare ourselves and to answer your customer experience questions. It consisted of a short presentation from me, followed by an ‘Ask Me Anything’ Q&A in which I took questions from the audience.

It was hastily organized, unpolished, and… it seemed to help people.

In fact it was so well received, that the next week we decided to do another one.

And the week after that… another one.

Over time, the weekly sessions began to develop:

  • Topics began to branch out, from Covid-specific sessions like Keeping a Customer-Centric Culture When Your Team is Remote to more general CX best practices, like Ways to Improve Your Voice of the Customer Program.
  • Our production values improved as we began using better broadcasting tools.
  • And we made it more accessible: Instead of having to pre-register to get access to a custom link, our webinars are now simulcast on Linkedin Live and YouTube Live, making it easier for the community to join us live or watch later.

As I write this in July of 2020, we’ve now run about 15 weekly webinars, and they show no signs of stopping.

The greatest thing about these weekly webinars is the community we’re creating. From long-time regulars like Patrice, Saptarshi and Tyler to relative newcomers like Sara, Shanita, and Keith, it’s the community that makes these sessions special.

  • You ask great, thought-provoking questions that help everyone watching.
  • You contribute with your own answers in the chat.
  • And you share the Experience Investigators mission to create fewer ruined days for customers.™

If you haven’t joined us for a weekly webinar, now is a great time. Beginning Friday, July 24th, we’ll be kicking off a series of weekly webinars highlighting the CX commitments your company needs to build a CX habit?

the CX Commitments your company needs to build a CX Habit?

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Some of My Favorite CX Questions & Answers So Far…

This Friday, July 17th, will be the first week in some time that we don’t have a new webinar for you, as I’m taking some time this week to recharge.

But I wanted to share some of my favorite questions and answers from our sessions up to this point. I hope you enjoy them too!

You’ve asked about how to make Customer Experience part of the larger company-wide picture.

In this clip from The Right Way to Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) in your CX Program , a community member emailed to ask about how to get cross-functional buy in for CX initiatives.


You’ve asked how empathy connects to creating value.

After my presentation on 7 Ways to Turn Empathy into Action , Heather asked a question about empathy and understanding the consequences of our actions that inspired us all.


You’ve asked how to be better at gathering customer feedback — and how to use that feedback once you’ve got it.

During the Q&A after our session on How to Reduce Customer Effort Before It Can Become a Problem , Youssif brought to everyone’s attention the importance of gathering open-ended feedback and asked for better ways to gather and use it.

It’s not just questions — You’ve made insightful comments too.

In this clip from our session on Three Key Problems Journey Maps Can Solve , Keith makes a great book recommendation and an anonymous user makes an important point about how critical internal CX education can be.


The Next Great Contribution Could Be Yours.

Beginning Friday, July 24th, we’ll be back with more of weekly webinars highlighting the building blocks of a complete CX program. As always, each session will be followed with a live Q&A session.

Whether you’ve got your own questions to ask, helpful comments to share with the community, or just want to hang back and watch… If you care about creating fewer ruined days for your customers™, there’s something new and valuable for you each week.

And hey – shout out to our Director of Marketing, David Hornreich, for his facilitation and production support that make these possible! He’s grown his own fan base among this community, and rightfully so. Thanks, David!

You can learn more about our weekly webinars here , and stay up to date with our live sessions by Subscribing to the Experience Investigators YouTube channel here .

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