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The Payment Experience: YES, it’s Part of Your Customer’s Journey! [Video]

Sponsored by PayPal

If your customers are interacting with your business, they are having an experience. This includes what happens before, after, and during their purchase. The payment experience is part of this… and can make or break the customer’s interaction.

The payment experience is often overlooked as a customer touchpoint. Focus on exceeding customer expectations at every touchpoint. In this video sponsored by PayPal, we’ll show you what your customers want at this critical moment on their journey. To learn more about how PayPal can serve your company and your customers, visit https://www.paypal.com/us/enterprise.

👉 Topics in This Video Include:

  • 0:00 Overview
  • 01:07 Meet Jason Test – Vice President of Sales, Digital and In-store Commerce at PayPal
  • 02:31 Trust and security when shopping online
  • 03:04 Payments with purpose
  • 04:35Abandoned carts
  • 05:18 Digital wallets
  • 06:15 Buy Now, Pay Later
  • 10:13 The whole picture
  • 10:54 Wrapping up

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