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Our Top 15 Customer Experience Posts of 2015

customer experience posts

What a year!

We’ve had an exciting year at Experience Investigators, and we’ve learned a lot. I hope you’ve had a chance to learn along with us! In case you’re just hearing about us, or you haven’t subscribed for updates, we’ve put together a heaping handful of our best customer experience posts from the past year to help get you up to speed.

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Here are our top 10 customer experience posts from 2015:

Epic Business Quotes from 1 Year of Podcasting

To commemorate a successful first year of the Crack the Customer Code podcast, we’ve started a collection of stand-out quotes and lessons on many topics from content marketing to company culture. Many thanks to our brilliant guests for making 2015 a year of enlightenment!


3 Ways Your Org Chart Creates B2B Customer Nightmares

The B2B customer doesn’t care who owns what part of their business. Here are 3 ways your org chart creates huge obstacles for customer experience improvement.


Becoming Customer-Centric: 5 Ways to Walk the Talk

As more leaders discuss becoming customer-centric, how many actually put actions into their plans? Here are 5 ways to walk the talk as a leader.


This Is What an Epic Customer Experience Fail Looks Like

We’ve had plenty of bad experiences in travel, but a recent trip shows what an EPIC customer experience fail looks like. A few tweaks could change it all!


Customer Happiness Lessons for Any Company, Courtesy of Zappos

When it comes to customer happiness, customer experience pros often think of Zappos! Here are some key takeaways from Freshdesk’s Customer Happiness Tour.


Get Your Experience Strategy Ready for the 4th Quarter!

So the last quarter is gone, but it’s not too late to get your team ready to make epic improvements. Here are 4 ways to get your customer experience strategy solid for 2016.


5 Ways to Rock your Worst Case Customer Experience Scenario

Providing the best customer experience? You must prepare for your worst possible case customer experience scenario. Here are 5 ways to get ahead of it!


5 Ways to Connect the Learner’s Journey to the Employee Journey

Understanding the journey from your employees’ perspective helps provide valuable knowledge to encourage retention, loyalty, and even more happiness and fulfillment for the people who make your organization run.


What Customer Experience Is NOT!

We keep seeing blog posts, articles, podcasts and books that make incorrect claims about what customer experience is. Let’s clear some of those up today!


Contamination Alert! How to Purify a Toxic Workplace Culture

Toxic workplace culture issues are not strictly internal. These issues can terminally poison your customer experience! Know the warning signs and have the antidote at hand.

Hat tip to our guest bloggers!

We had many great guest posts from members of our community in 2015, and we’re so grateful they wanted to share their expertise on our blog.

Here are the top 5 guest posts from 2015:

Leveraging the Concept of G.L.U.E. to Improve the Customer Experience

by Stan Phelps

Winning customers over means you must improve the experience so they’ll come back and bring you the new customers you want. Stan has a plan to help you move the needle.


Closing the Customer Experience Gap With Mobile

by Robi Ganguly

Neglecting mobile as a channel often leaves a huge gap in the customer experience. Robi Explains how mobile customer engagement creates huge opportunities.


3 Lessons re: Design Thinking and Customer Delight

by Marti Konstant

Design thinking can help deliver on the promise of a better customer experience. Marti gives us the skinny on how leaders at Intuit, Procter & Gamble and IDEO make it happen.


5 Ways Kimpton Builds Great Customer Experiences

by Adam Toporek

Kimpton uses micromoments- small moments that make a huge impact- to create great customer experiences. Adam challenges you to showcase YOUR differentiators.


customer experience problems

How Metrics Hide Serious Customer Experience Problems

by Jeff Toister

Metrics are important, but they’re not the final word. Jeff shares how some extra work can help solve more customer experience problems in the long run.

Thank You!

Thanks for helping us make 2015 a year to remember.

Happy New Year from all of us at Experience Investigators!

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