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Turning the Tables on Bad Customer Service

If you haven’t yet discovered our podcast, Crack The Customer Code, I hope you will soon. We released our 15th episode, and it’s been quite the learning experience for my co-host Adam Toporek from Customers That Stick and me!

bad customer service

Better customer service FTW

In episode 15, we tackle the subject of how certain industries can get away with treating customers poorly and still get good business results. Industries that have long held customers because of lack of choices like airlines, cable and financial institutions are now beginning to pay the piper! Adam and I discussed how one particular airline, RyanAir, made a change swiftly when they saw the negative impact of a policy of treating customers poorly.

Customer inclusion from the start

Speaking of change, we also spoke to Matt Ward of Art of the Kickstart. Matt is an authority on crowdfunding and how to startups are including customers in every part of their journey.

There is a lot large companies can learn from startups who communicate so effectively with customers from the inception of an idea through releasing a product! Instead of excluding customers from the bumps in the road to success, they share the details of what isn’t going as planned. Customers select to support these ideas and appreciate being included.

Short-term goals, long-term backlash

Finally, we discuss how a theory of business school might be flawed. Is it always about maximizing shareholder value? What if that is contrary to long-term loyalty? This idea of pushing a short-term goal at the sake of most other things may have worked before customers have the voice they do now.

What do you think?

Enlightened leaders share their knowledge

Since launching the podcast in late 2014, we’ve had the pleasure of discussing how customers matter with authors like Jackie Huba, business leaders like Gini Dietrich, social business experts like Rachel Happe, entrepreneurs like The Mafia Hairdresser, and even my brother(!) Bill Cusick, a customer experience expert and author.

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Adam has learned what an incredible goofball I am and I’ve learned that I can smooth over most arguments with him via good bourbon.

Our producer Lightning Atkinson has helped us sound great and my friend Brad Farris has provided use of his studio. (If you haven’t yet listened to Breaking Down Your Business, this is your sign to do so!) We even have a few super fans! (Thanks, Robert Hann!)

Keep asking questions

Part of what’s more fun than expected is how examining ANY business leads to questions on how can we do right by our customers. How can we make change quickly? How can we see the results? It’s my belief that if more business leaders asked these questions, the world would be a better place.

We hope you’ll listen in, share your thoughts and suggest guests and topics you’d like us to cover! Cracking the code with us is fun, and we do most of the work!

Every Thursday you’ll get more knowledge and fun in about 20 minutes.

What are you waiting for?

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