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Stop Being Ignored on Social: Holistic Marketing & Sales

While it’s technically easier to reach people through social channels for marketing and sales, it doesn’t mean it’s the right way to do things.

Holistic Marketing

Holistic Marketing for the Next Generation

Generation Z, the generation AFTER the millennials (born late 1990’s to early 2000’s) rejects traditional marketing and sales completely. Smart brands are beginning to tap into the peers who are already trusted. It’s risky, but they are trying new ways to reach this group.

One of my favorite resources for all things digital marketing is Tom Martin’s book, The Invisible Sale. I used this book as a guide when I started thinking about starting a podcast and it inspired me to think about more content strategies, like our webinar series.

Tom was nice enough to discuss what digitally powered marketing means today, and how wrong many people are getting it.

We’re Still People

While there is a “self-educated buyer trend” as Tom states, the vast majority of brands haven’t figured out how to respond appropriately to that trend.

Companies are telling their sales teams you have to be using all these social platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. But sales people are then told to go sell on these platforms that really weren’t really created as a non-selling environment.

Tom explains how the best brands take a holistic approach and learn to pack their patience. It’s easier in a social environment to be ignored!

Prospects can literally block you, so it’s imperative to be patient! You can’t be about closing a deal today or tomorrow. When they finally happen, you’ll have a higher conversion rate and the cycle will be a lot faster. That’s the power of social selling.

Tom and I also had fun comparing the bad pitches we receive via LinkedIn’s inbox…and consider starting a Tumblr blog about bad social selling examples!

Like anything else, it’s important to remember we’re dealing with people and not inboxes.

As always, Tom has so much knowledge to share and I’m so grateful he shared so much on our podcast!

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