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[Experience Action Podcast] Focus Groups and Feedback

❔”My organization is looking at starting focus groups or other avenues to bring in more of the customer experience perspective. What are your recommendations for getting started? How do we decide who to include? What other things should we consider? I’d love to hear your feedback.”❔

Traditional focus groups have been popular for gathering real-time customer feedback for decades. However, our host, Jeannie Walters, has seen too many focus groups go awry. In this episode, Jeannie goes over some pros and cons of traditional focus groups. She also shares some additional ways to gather the customer feedback you are looking for, such as customer interviews, co-creation sessions, and customer advisory boards. For any of these methods, proactive steps are needed to set your initiatives up for success. Tune in to hear what you need to get insights, not just answers.

Resources Mentioned:
Customer Interview Guidebook
Experience Investigators Learning Center

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