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5 Killer Mid-Year Review Questions You Need to Ask Now

I hate to break this to you, but we're more than half-way through the calendar year. Have you done a mid-year review yet? This is a critical time to review your goals for this year and check your progress. But ...

Customer Experience ROI: Why Not Investing can Sabotage Your Success

Here's something sort of funny. Whenever I speak to a group or lead a workshop, a few people approach me. These are individuals who pull me aside and say things like: "I get customer experience! I understand why it's so ...

Customer Experience Budgets GROW in 2010 – Are You Investing Wisely?

"As the economy rebounds, companies need to invest in their customer experience or risk falling behind in meeting customers' ever-changing expectations. Their budgets should balance projects that fix problems with the current experience and those that seek to innovate experiences ...

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