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3 Ways to Win Big When Customers Are Furious

Have you ever had to deal with a customer who was really angry? While most days aren't perfect, if generally takes a lot for us to get red-in-the-face angry.  Of course there are exceptions to this rule, and some people are just ...

Your Journey Map is Incomplete without Competitors

Mapping the journey your customers take with you from their perspective can be a very powerful tool. In B2B experiences, journey maps can become very complicated, very quickly. Who is the customer, exactly? Are we mapping for the purchaser of ...

The 5 Customer Leadership Competencies Every CCO Must Embrace

I had the pleasure of reading Jeanne Bliss's new book, Chief Customer Officer 2.0, and can't wait to tell you why you should read it! It's more than a manifesto and detailed enough to be a handbook, so read on ...

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