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What is Year of CX?

Year of CX is a series of Customer Experience resources developed by Jeannie Walters, CCXP and Experience Investigators.

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Who is Year of CX For?

Year of CX is for anyone who wants to improve their organization's customer experience without making a major financial investment.

Overwhelmed Leaders

Who want to improve their company's Customer Experience even though nobody at the org has CX in their job description.

Curious CX Tire-Kickers

Not sure what Customer Experience is about? Here's an easy way to learn while keeping things consistent.

CX Experts

We all need an outside perspective sometimes. Combine these resources with your own to reach the next level.

What Kind of Resources Can I Expect?

Get resources and tools like these delivered straight to your inbox:

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    CX Success Statement Workbook

    Answer fill-in-the-blank questions to build a CX Success statement -- A guiding statement to help you choose goals that support the larger goals of leadership and your organization.

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    SMIRC Goals Checklist

    Are your CX goals SMIRC (Social, Measurable, Inspiring, Relevant, & Contextual)? This checklist will help your teams choose better goals and get buy-in from departmental and organizational leaders.

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    CX Mission Statement Workbook

    Most corporate mission statements are internally-focused. Supplementing this with a customer-focused mission statement separates the best organizations from the rest.

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    And Many More

    New resources are in constant development and will be delivered twice monthly to your inbox.

How Can Year of CX Resources Help Me?

Increase Customer retention, value, and referrals

Get Buy-In from Organizational Leadership

Be the Hero Leading Consistent, Meaningful Change