Where Is JetBlue Post-Kerfuffle?

by Jeannie Walters

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The JetBlue “quick getaway” of flight attendant Steven Slater is an example of lots of things. Good customer experience is not one of them, quite obviously.

But this is one of the things JetBlue is known for. A new section on their website is titled “Experience JetBlue,” with customer videos praising the snacks, the legroom and the “above and beyond” customer service. (And is it just me or do the intro and music in this section seem overdone?) So now that we’ve gotten to know what happened to the customers at the end of this recent flight with a flight attendant who apparently took that chirpy attitude and shoved it, where is JetBlue?

And who should they defend? The customer – who allegedly bonked the flight attendant on the head with his luggage and disregarded the instructions to stay seated?

Or the flight attendant? Who cursed out the passenger over the speaker (and therefore the whole cabin-full of passengers) before escaping via the emergency chute?

They’re  both behaving badly, no doubt.

So where’s JetBlue?

Shouldn’t they be reassuring the public, their customers and their employees that this is NOT acceptable? That the philosophy of the JetBlue experience is one of respect and courtesy?

Yes, but…

Here’s the challenge – do it in a human, emotional way. Acknowledge the redonkulousness of the situation, and mention that it made the executives and other employees roll their eyes, too. Don’t come out with a standard, stodgy statement about JetBlue’s commitment to safety and customers – even though that should be mentioned. Get some JetBlue customers and employees around a microphone and have a good laugh. Let us know we’re not the only ones thinking both parties here are loco.

Then start a community. Start a movement. Ask passengers to help set better examples in their behaviors. Ask flight attendants to give out travel vouchers to well-behaved passengers.

Do something to share in the experience the rest of us are observing. Otherwise, the whole experience focus they claim to have just isn’t adding up for me.

Maybe I’m off. What do you think?

UPDATE: Here is the official blog post from JetBlue. Well done, IMHO. http://bit.ly/bu8huV

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Jeannie Walters

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