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3 Ways to Boost Your Customer Service Listening

You know the feeling. You see a customer heading your way to complain. Or maybe they've already submitted feedback and checked the "please follow up" box on the form. Or maybe your employees have warned you about the person who ...

Set It, but Don't Forget It: Quick Tips for Gathering Feedback

Most business leaders I talk to agree that gathering feedback from customers is critical. If you haven't been listening, you’ve missed out on lots of valuable insight, suggestions and signs of trouble. It's never too late to start listening. But how should you do it? ...

Do You Hear Your Customers Screaming? (Probably Not.)

ATTENTION! Anyone who sells anything to anybody:  You're not hearing the complaints. Why? Because your customers are SCREAMING and telling their friends, Facebook compatriots, blog readers and other audiences how horrible you are. And yet they're not telling you. Or they ...

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