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The Intentionality of Patient Empathy

Thoughts from the Cleveland Clinic Patient Empathy Summit (Part 1) I had the immense honor of being a part of the Cleveland Clinic Patient Empathy Summit. This is the place where the idea of patient experience became a reality. These ...

A Shot in the Arm for the No Good Healthcare Experience

It was supposed to be a routine, but necessary, appointment... At my son's physical, we noticed a weird thing and were referred to a dermatologist. (I'm happy to report there is nothing wrong.) But this is not the story of ...

Patient Loyalty, Duct Tape, and Customer Experience Failure

Health care is expensive, humbling, sometimes embarrassing, and generally still a huge pain to get aligned, validated and scheduled.  Have you ever wondered where the "care" part of health care is hiding? I'm not referring to medical competency, or even staff ...

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