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Stop Looking at Channels for the Best Omnichannel Experience

I hosted a webinar last week about digital experience. We've developed a process here called Digital Micromapping. This is the next step after customer journey maps in some cases, the first case in others. In the webinar, we covered some ...

Are Your FAQ's Driving Customers Mad?

FAQ is another one of those terms we didn't even know before the dawn of the internet age. Most of us were blissfully unaware of this acronym for "Frequently Asked Questions" now living on many web sites. When we ask ...

Testing Digital Experiences: How You're Doing More Harm than Good

Sometimes usability testing drives me bananas. We're testing things we already know. We're proving common sense. We're spending lots of time and resources to get the answer we already know. If you've spent any time observing usability tests, you know ...

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