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The Leader’s Role in Customer Experience

The Feisty Five – Skills for Customer Experience Leadership

Anyone can talk about the importance of customer experience! But what does it take to truly LEAD?

Your bottom line is all about the experience your team delivers. How do you get them there?

With more than 20 years working with leaders from organizations like Allstate, Orangetheory Fitness, Bath and Body Works, and dozens of others, Jeannie offers a content-rich presentation based on real-life leaders, what’s worked, what hasn’t, and what will change in the future.

Leaders will learn:

  • How to shift from a traditional results-driven leader to one who ties those results with everyday actions that affect your customers
  • What it means to really listen to customers, and what to do once you’ve heard them
  • Strategies to help your team get more than a passing interest in customer experience, and how to engage them in incorporating Experience into the DNA of your organization

In this keynote or executive workshop, Jeannie helps your leaders define better outcomes, create winning strategies and develop a customer-first team for an exceptional customer experience.

When a business is young, the founders are organically intent on ensuring the happiness of each new customer.

As it grows, that intention remains—but a gulf can form between leaders’ perception of the customer experience and the actual customer journey, creating a knowledge gap substantial enough to sink your business.

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Supervisors & Managers

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