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Be Your Own Customer Experience Investigator™: Elevate Your Customer Experience

In this keynote, Jeannie provides a roadmap for building stronger customer relationships that scale—especially as tied to digital transformation. As the world’s only Chief Customer Experience Investigator™ and creator of the CXI ® Customer Experience Investigation™ process, Jeannie has conducted in-depth evaluations for clients all over the world.

In this keynote or workshop, Jeannie pulls back the curtain on her two decades of consulting and how she gets such rich, important feedback for her clients.

You will learn:

  • Some simple techniques to truly walk in your customer’s shoes – and not just once or twice a year
  • Why saying “customer experience is everyone’s job” is actually the worst thing you can say!
  • Why we can focus on often-overlooked data to help us avoid survey fatigue, over communication and the “their so sales-y!” feelings of our customers
  • Why it’s fun to be Nancy Drew and investigate your customer’s true experiences.

Jeannie offers a path for creating a company culture that goes beyond just analyzing data to truly understanding what your customers are thinking, from first touch to last.

This will allow you to make better business decisions, increase loyalty and retention, reduce employee turnover—and create an environment where customers and employees alike feel empowered.

What it's about

Brand Culture TransformationCustomer JourneyCustomer LoyaltyEmpathy

Who it's for

Supervisors & Managers

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