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Rise of the Machines: Automation and AI in Customer Experience

How does the robot army serve their customer service overlords? Or do they? Jeannie explores the best and worst case scenarios of using our non-human counterparts to serve customers. How do customers really feel about this new way of service?

Micromapping: Diving Deep Into Specific Parts of Your Customer Journey

Journey maps can be overwhelming. How can you encourage your teams to use the right techniques to understand their customers better? Micromapping is the way. Micromapping is a technique that can be used in simple ways to connect with what's ...

CX 101 – What Every Person in Your Organization Needs to Understand

Customer experience is a big topic. How do you create a customer-focused culture when those within your organization assume customer experience doesn't really apply to them? In this keynote, Jeannie explores why this is so hard, how to remove the ...

Customer Journey Maps: How to Create Processes Your Team Will Actually Want to Follow

Customer Journey Maps can be powerful tools, but too often they turn into long-term projects culminating in a really nice poster on the wall. How can you make sure your teams understand the right way to journey map? And then ...

Wow Your Customers with a CX-Superstar Workforce

Keep your customers coming back for more by training your workforce to deliver world-class CX. Teach them how to make the most of every customer moment to increase loyalty and advocacy, and as an added benefit, increase their own job ...

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