Customer Experience Conference Events to Make You a CX Leader

by Jeannie Walters

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Hello, Everyone! Jeannie is prepping for travel to an intensive workshop with a client. So exciting! But the schedule is really tight, so I told her to take the morning off to get ready and commandeered the blog 😉

I thought I’d take this opportunity to get you up to speed about where Jeannie is going to be in the coming months. There are some exciting events on the horizon!
Here are a few of them:

Customer Experience Conference
Here’s a little teaser from Jeannie’s session. It’s going to be fun!

 WOMMnext 2014:The future of Word Of Mouth Marketing

Learn how to stay ahead of the competition and get people talking about your brand online and offline, with Jeannie and an exciting lineup of other executives and scholars from McDonald’s, Sony, Google, Bing, Zillow, and many others. We’ll hear from the very best in the business about their ground-breaking new ideas, and how you can put them to work for yourself. Combining new research, practices, and technologies with creativity and innovation, these WOM wizards have found out what really works and what will work in the future.

Use code Speak50 for $50 off your registration fee!

We’re proud to have this event right here in the Windy City! Will we see you there?

Customer Experience ConferenceCustomer Experience World 2014 in London

The theme for this event is simple: Being good to customers is good business. Amen!

Join Jeannie along with executives from customer-centric brands around the world, like AirBnB, Vodafone, Papa John’s, IBM and Porsche, just to name a few. Hear from only the best speakers representing companies that have risen above the competition by becoming customer focused. They will take you behind the scenes in a wide spectrum of industries and show you how their organizations have developed time-tested strategies for retaining customers as well as dramatically increasing sales and employee engagement. Learn the many ways these companies have benefited from improving customer experience and how you can do the same.

Share your own insights and exchange ideas with other leaders! They will have an event chair to manage, moderate, and summarize the sessions for a more interactive experience. Learn more and register today!
Customer Experience Conference

The Customer Experience Professionals Association 2014 Insight Exchange

Returning for the fourth consecutive year due to its huge success, the CXPA Members Insight Exchange (think Show and Tell) is a Don’t Miss for any CX leader wanting to stay ahead of the competition and learn from other leaders. Focused on innovation, this event is unlike any other customer experience conference for its unique approach at networking and exchanging ideas with a member to member focus. This is the place to learn from other passionate professionals and make mutually beneficial connections.

How about learning and networking at the same time? Join one of two interactive Show and Tell sessions, where you will hear about and discuss different CX approaches that has proven successful, with the pros who have implemented them.

There’s nothing else like it. Don’t miss this opportunity! See what it’s all about.


Who’s your favorite Chicago speaker?

The correct answer is our own Chief Customer Experience Investigator™ Jeannie Walters, of course! 😀
Let’s show some love and vote her up on this list! (And don’t tell her I put you up to it!)

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Jeannie Walters

Jeannie Walters is the CEO/Founder of Experience Investigators, a global Customer Experience consulting firm. She has 20 years of experience helping companies improve loyalty and retention, employee engagement, and overall customer experience. Jeannie is a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP,) a charter member of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA,) a Professional Member of the National Speakers Association, LinkedIn Learning instructor, TEDx speaker, and President-Elect of the National Speakers Association Illinois chapter. Learn more here.

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