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Interview: B2B Customer Experience

I was honored to be interviewed for B2BVoices - an excellent blog dedicated to "a meaningful conversation among PR pros, marketers and social media thought leaders in the B2B space." It was a fun conversation. Let me know what you ...

The Follow Friday Fourteen

In the spirit of sharing instead of dumping for #followfriday, I decided to share 14 people to follow on Twitter here. These are just the tip of the iceberg, for sure. I follow lots of people because there are so ...

Engagement in 3 Steps

Engagement in 3 Easy Steps: 1. Assess your experience. Conduct a roadmap session to get everyone on the same page about the kind of experience you WANT to offer your customers. Is it happening today? If not, what steps do ...

From Today's Chicago Woman

Controlling the (Facebook) Message How is social media affecting those hired to shape their clients’ public image? By Tricia Despres Chicago public relations executive Danielle Wiley was a social media expert long before the rest of the world knew how ...

Stop Thinking Short-Term

I had the privilege of attending the all-city Chicago Vistage meeting last week. While it was great to meet other like-minded business leaders, it was most compelling because of the speaker, Alan Beaulieu. Alan and his twin brother are economists who ...

Emotionally Connecting With Customers Through Social Media

Yesterday at a conference, I was peppered with questions about WHY small and growing businesses should enter into social media. This video from a few weeks ago helps answer some of those questions. But it’s important to note that it’s ...

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