Why Did Beer + Transparency Earn Micromoment of the Month?

by Anne Reuss

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Do you know the feeling when you want to slide down your chair and under the desk after making a silly mistake at the expense of someone else…like a customer?

Or are you proactive and immediately take responsibility? To make it interesting, would you do it with transparency and be public about it?

Makes you sweat a little, doesn’t it?

Take this little liquor store that specializes in craft beer for example:

Our Ryan liked it – thank him for sharing this gem!

Obviously I’m not the only one who was impressed.

But Ryan, our newest team member who shared this, posed an interesting question:

They could have PM’ed Mr. Adam, but they posted publicly. They admit to everyone they made a mistake and showcase their immediate willingness to do the right thing, but is it alright to make Mr. Adam;s purchase and billing problem public, presumably without his knowledge?

I mean, maybe he told his wife he was going to drink iced tea and watch soap operas with his buddies…

A very valid point, Ryan. We’ve all claimed to drink “apple juice” at some point. Seriously, I’m not sure why this store decide to bare it all with their community instead of addressing it directly with the customer. Maybe they felt it was the fastest way to reach out but I applaud them for their transparency.  I think the move bolstered their brand image.

One micromoment Can Shape A Customer’s Perception

Yes, I know I’m using the T word.  Transparency. The (sometimes) overused word when discussing social media. But the action revealed brand characteristics of honesty, immediacy and responsibility. It was benefitting to not only Mr. Adam but any customer (and potential ones) that come across the Facebook post and it sets an example for fellow employees.

I know I’d go there without heistation. I haven’t set foot in the store but I suspect they are dependable, caring and offer fair service. My perception is based on *one* micromoment. Have you seen our recent infographic – backed up by psychological proof – on how microinteractons are the greater part of a customer’s perception, with emotion accounting for 50% of the experience!?


Proactive > Reactive

Mistakes happen and social media is normally the first place to make it known. But don’t always react. What makes customer experience (and your brand) stand out is how you take action instead of reacting to the first move made by the customer which is our takeaway for the day from the beer shop. Customer experience is proactive, customer service is reactive.

I may need to go to the liquor store myself to find this “quality” Hi-Res brew and toast to this.

Let me know what you thought of this store’s move…do you agree with the amount of transparency? And what brew you’ll be having at Beer Thirty O’ Clock! Happy Friday!

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