This Bandage Can Save a Life: Micromoment of the Month

by Anne Reuss

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I blame and thank Jeannie for getting me on the micromoment craze. I take pictures in public or catch screenshots several times a week!

So I knew I struck gold when I saw this picture scroll by in my Facebook feed. Like, hold up! I zoomed in and gasped. This is a box of bandages with a bone marrow registry kit.

MarrowRegistery1Genius! How easy have they made it for the person?

I found a Fast Company article that has the 411 on how this idea came to life very recently.

We really appreciate how Graham Douglas teamed up with Help Remedies – a hip medical supplies business – to change our perspective and make it easier to save more lives. The hesitation to get on a bone marrow registry should no longer exist because:

1) Well, you’re already bleeding! (Love their attitude – it lightens up the situation). Even better that Help Remedies is an audacious company.

2) A seemingly scary situation (I wouldn’t be surprised if many of us, when we think “bone marrow” we visualize large needles or a painful procedure) has been transformed into a simple and positive one. I was never sure if you could determine a match through just a blood test but now I know.

3) The kit is the first thing in your hand when you open the box. No excuses to not “spare a drop” before you reach for your bandage. It’s quick. No biggie!

Douglas did not create a separate product that may have been harder to achieve mass appeal. Instead he did what sometimes innovation is about: going where people already are – reaching for bandages.

A micromoment’s job is to stir up a positive reaction and improve the overall experience no matter how nuanced they are. I think we can agree this one has exceeded expectations, yes?

If you want to enjoy more of these, check out Jeannie’s TEDx video where micromoments are the star of the show (and full of humor) or her slideshare. We also LOVE submissions – send them to or post them on our Facebook page! You could be featured next month.

Pass along this if you can – the more people that know about this kit – the better!

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