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How to Create Your Punch List for Quick CX Wins

Have you ever lived through a major renovation project or lived through construction of a house or condo? I say "lived through" because it can be harrowing, on a #firstworldproblems level for sure, but harrowing nonetheless. Selecting the right shade ...
quick CX wins

For Amazing Customer Experience Insights, Kindly Step Outside

Gathering and acting on customer experience insights from analytical data, surveys, and other resources inside your organization is one thing. But stepping into your customer's shoes to understand what they need the most is another! Getting a different perspective on the ...

3 Ways You Forget How To Better Your Business

The following is a Best of 360Connext post. "That's so interesting!" I hear this over and over when I describe what 360Connext does. In a nutshell, it's how to better your business. Here's the gist, just in case you haven't ...

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