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It's a (REALLY, REALLY) Small World

This is not about social media. Yes, social media has led to the little guy taking on the big guys, like Dave Carroll of "United Breaks Guitars" fame who recently released his 3rd song in the trilogy: "United We Stand." ...

Consider Yourself an "Undercover Boss"

I was lured into a new show on CBS last night after the Superbowl was over and the kids were tucked in. Undercover Boss debuted last night and it was surprisingly compelling. The idea is simple. A big-wig executive from ...

Engagement in 3 Steps

Engagement in 3 Easy Steps: 1. Assess your experience. Conduct a roadmap session to get everyone on the same page about the kind of experience you WANT to offer your customers. Is it happening today? If not, what steps do ...

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