Spooky Calls-To-Action For Converting Visitors

by Anne Reuss

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Spooky calls-to-action can win at converting customers!

Today is the day I get to make my FAVORITE cookie – Oreo truffle eyeballs – and watch a spooky movie on Netflix (I’m taking suggestions! Anyone?)

I would write a post devoted to the virtues of the Oreo eyeball, but it’s time for the micromoment of the Month, so I wanted to feature some impressive tactics I’ve seen recently for converting visitors (including myself – they work).

micromoments are the small moments that can have a huge impact – negative or positive – on your customer’s experience. Considering creative and compelling ways to make a lasting impression can lead to huge emotional dividends.

By playing on people’s fears, these “spooky” calls to action (CTA) act as subtle reminders the recipients might not know exactly what they’re doing yet. After all, why does someone visit a website? Usually it’s to research a product or learn something.

I find companies that address these needs in bold and daring language – all in just a few words – to be spooklicious! They not only manage NOT to scare customers away, but even better- they spook customers into taking the next step.

Here’s how you can do the same!

1) Stop your visitors in their tracks.

The internet is a sea of the same old CTAs like this one:

converting visitors
That’s it? How many times have you seen one like this? Too many.

Let them know exactly what you’ll help them with and what they’re putting themselves into if they DON’T listen to you.

2) Show confidence in the knowledge you offer.

It makes you more trustworthy when you mention you’ll show the “how” versus the “what” because the latter doesn’t imply any actionable results.

3) Connect through empathy.

Your visitors have a reason for being on your website so get into their hearts and minds. Address their concerns, fears and struggles through the power of words. You’re not being the bad kind of spooky. You’re showing them you know how to improve the situation and you’re ready to pass along the gift of knowledge.

Check out these spooklicious examples for converting visitors!

1) Social Triggers

Very few people understand building email lists better than Derek Halpern…and he knows it.


2) The Daily Muse

Wing it, or ace it? Seems like a clear winner. Sign me right up!


3) The Middle Finger Project

“Eh!?” Who said that? Oh no sir, let me get to the bottom of this. Here you go!


 4) Bounce Exchange

But I…I…oh, how dare me for not wanting to reduce bounce rates. I pick yes!

I found this on Search Engine Journal’s Not for the Faint-Hearted: 11 Daring Ideas for Conversion 

With some word craftiness, you can create impactful CTAs that won’t scare customers away. When done right, you can spook people out of making the mistakes they’d make without your help!

How can you leverage your customers’ fears to increase conversions?

Featured image by ginnerobot via Creative Commons license


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