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10 Most Popular Posts and Milestones of 2012

I love how when I'm working on digging up popular posts from 2012, Mrs. Gini Dietrich comes out with a tool that is really helpful.  Apparently there's a method to finding out your most popular posts of 2012 in Google Analytics! So ...

Customers Will Behave Differently in 2013

As we're about to enter the annual ritual of turning the calendar page and looking at the fresh new year, it's also the time to make predictions about what's next. I predict your customers, the ones you think you know ...

Do Your KPI's Mention Customers?

A few years ago, when I would mention "customer experience" to business people, I would receive an expected response. Smiling, nodding, then moving on. It just wasn't important. When the economy was booming, sales were the name of the game. ...

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