Micromoment of the Month: No Permission? Not Impressed.

by Anne Reuss

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I’m tickled happy to see micromoments are catching on with you guys. This is our third micromoment of the month and it actually wasn’t found by us. It was received from an unnamed source!

This just rubbed us all the wrong way…..

NoPermissionLabeledNo permission?? Not impressed.

This is not personal criticism against the company. The last two we did were positive but we think it’s important to demonstrate how a minor engagement can have a quite the negative effect on the visitor. Bad ones still exist. 🙁

  • It obviously left a strong enough of an impression for the visitor to take a screenshot and report this to us! Research shows more bothered a customer is, the more likely they’re going to share their opinion publicly. Social media lets them air their complaints easily. 
  • Websites are supposed to be inviting and helpful. Even though this one is definitely communicating pretty directly….
  • When you tell a visitor and/or customer they can’t do something you’re creating tension for them. Frankly, it’s a turn off.
  • The customer journey/user experience is supposed to put the customer first. But this has an alienating vibe. How is it about them now? How would have you reacted? My first thought – honestly – was “Oh excuse me thanks for letting me know my opinion doesn’t matter.”

This is why we encourage you to sweat the small stuff. micromoments make you feel heard. Solve a problem. Safe. Smile. (holy kaw alliteration!)

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Quick refresher: What’s a micromoment? It’s the little thing that sets the tone for an experience. We’re obsessed with them around here. We think they are often overlooked and are the types of events that can make or break not only the experience of a customer with a brand, but someone’s entire day. Jeannie spoke about micromoments at TedX – you can watch it here or see the slideshare.

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