Micromoment of the Month: GrubHub Delights Employees

by Anne Reuss

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The thought of working somewhere banal terrifies me.

If I was in such a situation, I’m telling you, my work performance might be mundane. Or worse, I’ll be driven away. But great companies know a stimulating and rewarding workplace keeps employees happy.

You don’t have to send your employees on a posh escape to make them stay. Especially if you’re a growing company with limited wiggle room to splurge. It just takes some creativity, consideration and willingness – and that’s my cue to present you the star of today’s micromoment of the Month: GrubHub!

A source from Grubhub shared a special moment with us: GrubHub decided to pay homage to their employees mid July by sending them on a surprise picnic with hand-packed snazzy lunch bags:

GrubHubLunch micromoment

Engaging Your Employees through micromoments Improves Customer Experience

GrubHub’s move was delicious. It was a chance for the company to:

  • Deliver a delightful surprise to keep the spark alive for the employees.
  • Make employees want to feel valued,  They crave respect. CEB’s quarterly global labor market research showed the No. 3 reason employees will consider leaving is lack of respect!
  • Increase positive word of mouth. Our source was so pleased she took a picture! Elated (or unhappy) employees are usually the ones most engaged and more likely to share their experience.
  • Reward and engage employees, which translates into pleased customers, business results and a great customer experience. Otherwise disengagement can be dangerous. 73% of customers who leave a service blame employee attitudes. Yelp! Visit this infographic for more scary but helpful stats. Aren’t the employees the ones helping grow the business?!

Other budget savvy ways include inviting them on a challenging project, allowing flexible schedules/telecommuting, personal thank-yous or written praise on your blog or social networks. What’s the best recognition you’ve received? How do you show your employees appreciation? Maybe there’s a micromoment to share with us.

Bottom line:  Energize your workers and your business shall feel it too.

There’s something else…..

Microinteration of the Month Contest!

Next month we want to feature a micromoment from one of you! We’ll feature them all on our social networks but at the end of the month, one person will prevail. And receive a print edition of Jay Baer’s YOUtility: Why Smart Marketing is About Help not Hype.

There are two steps:

1. Capture a mind blowing moment. It can annoying, absolutely divine, hilarious or exasperating.  micromoment wins or fails could happen in real life or online.

2. Share however is best for you:

  • Email anne@experienceinvestigators.com or jeannie@experienceinvestigators.com your picture and/or story.
  • Post it on our Facebook wall with a short description
  • Tweet your picture at us @360Connext with #CXIcontest
  • Instagram it and tag us @360Connext with #CXIcontest

Submissions will be accepted until August 28th and the winner will be revealed on our Microinteration of the Month blog August 30th.

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