LOVE: Micromoment of the Month

by Jeannie Walters

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Last month, we introduced the idea of recognizing our favorite (and not so favorite) micromoments.

What’s a micromoment? It’s the little thing that sets the tone for an experience. We’re obsessed with them around here. We think they are often overlooked and are the types of events that can make or break not only the experience of a customer with a brand, but someone’s entire day. I spoke about micromoments at TedX – you can watch it here.

Here is a reminder of why we think micromoments are important:

  • Great ones show EFFORT and consideration for the customer!
  • Those small moments which are often overlooked can often make or break a customer’s perception.
  • The best experiences are built on moment after moment.

Since our theme for the month was how to show your customers love, we thought this little find from our own Anne Reuss was perfect!

POM POMS Spoon Inside

Did you catch what we thought was so special? Not only the hearts, of course, but the Spoon Inside. It’s a clever, small moment that makes a big difference to the customer. Pom Wonderful thought carefully about the experience the customer would have with this product – fresh pomegranate arils, BTW. I’d bet the sales are helped, too, since you aren’t given an easy excuse NOT to purchase. It’s a small, thoughtful addition to packaging that helps the customer feel valued.

See why we LOVE micromoments? Because they matter. Join us as a Customer Experience Investigator™ and share the ones you find! We’ve created a Pinterest board just for the awesome (and annoying) micromoments we find. Join us there and pass along the ones you find! We want all companies to wake up to the importance of these. Plus, it will make your day better as a customer!

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We LOVE micromoments. Don’t you!?

Photo provided courtesy of Anne Reuss.

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