Keys to Customer Experience Innovation (MAP)

by Anne Reuss

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Day 4. Jeannie is still on vacation.

Yeah, I’m counting. 🙂 I thought it’d be neat to wrap up our innovation month with a map (scroll down, it’s right down there) and give you the keys to unlock the motherlode: keys to customer experience innovation. Really, it will guide you through the process of achieving customer experience innovation. If you click here, you’ll be taken to an enlarged map on ThingLink (and I suggest you check out this visual content toy if you haven’t). There you may hover over the map and see links to different blogs/pictures (there’s a meme in there for fun, too) to expand on these key points.

What are the grand five stages of customer experience innovation?

1) Understanding the Current Customer Experience  – Listen on social media, gather feedback, know your customer metrics

2) Expectations – What are you trying to achieve and does your mission embody the *actual* experience your old and new customers are having/should have?

3) DisruptionCheck out what your competitors and other industries are doing. How can you deliver it better and faster? It doesn’t have to be a wild never-seen-before idea…

4) ReinventionInclude your customers and employees in the process, reiterate and tweak! 

5) Predict the FutureHow can you get ahead of the game? What will your audience be looking for? 

Again, visit the large and clickable map! Enjoy! If there are any questions or extra information you’d like tagged in the map, just let us know in the comments.

by Anne Reuss

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