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Moments That Matter

A great customer experience is made up of a multitude of small moments. Jeannie’s been collecting examples of the best and the worst of these – and their ultimate outcomes – since before her TEDX talk on this subject in 2012.

These moments are fleeting, but have major consequences for customer engagement.

In this keynote, Jeannie shows your business leaders how to recognize those small moments that build trust with customers—or break it completely. You will learn:

  • Why Every Moment DOES Actually Matter
  • How Small Moments Add Up to Big Things
  • How to Find these Moments in Your Customer’s Journey
  • What Customers Are Looking for NEXT…and how to build the right moments into your customer’s journey for the future

These tiny details are easy to overlook, but Jeannie uses relevant and funny examples to make increasing customer loyalty fun, practical, and engaging with every tiny interaction.

This is a fun, interactive keynote with easy-to-digest content that is immediately actionable for your audience.

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Frontline Teams

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