Customer Experience Strategy: Your Journey to Enlightened Leadership

by Jeannie Walters

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What’s the process like?

It’s a common question we get regarding what we do. There really isn’t a perfect one-size-fits-all solution to creating a customer experience strategy that gets results, but there are different options for organizations who take customer experience seriously.

Customer Experience Strategy


Challenge: Our Mission Lacks a Customer-Centric Soul

I believe the most important part of any organization wishing to be truly customer focused is a rock solid, easy to understand and meaningful customer experience mission. This can be different than your company’s mission. But it’s critical to ensuring those providing the experience understand what to do. This means getting to the heart of the matter.

solutionSolution: Customer Experience Mission Workshop

This is typically a half-to-full day session with leaders of the organization. We hammer out the sentence that provides guidance for the rest of the organization. It’s messy and fun, but the end result is one of the most meaningful pieces of communication your organization can have.


Customer Experience Training

challengeChallenge: Our People Don’t Know What To Do

Any organization’s success is dependent on people. Not just any people, but those dealing with your customers. This means they have to use their own judgement. They can’t be relying on scripts or processes without flexibility. So the best organizations focus on the WHY more than the HOW to get things done. Does your team really understand how to deliver to your customers, based on who the organization is?

solutionSolution: Training

Typical training is, in a word, boring. Our training is based on helping your people internalize what it means to deliver a superior customer experience. It’s not about process, it’s about principle. We do this in both in-person sessions and via webinars and virtual solutions for those in the field.

Feedback from these sessions:

“Both our internal people and the client loved you as a keynote speaker. Our engagement with you was the first of its kind for our yearly event. And thanks to your professionalism and flexibility, I’m positive the client will be asking for us to do this next year! Our client liaison still talks to our team members about the topics you touched on.” -Angela Bahrke Stuewer, Web Specialist at Alta Resources


Customer Experience Keynotes

challengeChallenge: Our Big Gathering Isn’t Focused on Customers

Annual corporate events are another gathering where customers are sometimes not even mentioned. I kid you not. The numbers and results mentions usually start with dollar signs and end with shareholders. Using this event as an opportunity to energize your customer-centric strategy can be a total game changer.

solutionSolution: Keynote

Everything we do rests with a central principle. We want you to be able to internalize all the ways you are in control of the customer experience. Yes, you, Mr. CEO. And yes, you, too, Ms. Project Manager. And even you, Ms. Corporate Accountant. Our keynotes are customized to deliver the message most important to you, but based on our years of studying and improving customer experiences all over the globe.


Customer Journey Mapping

challengeChallenge: We Really Don’t Know The Experience Our Customers Have

As companies grow, this seemingly simple idea becomes very complicated. If you don’t know what happens end-to-end for your customers, from before they even know about you to when they leave with either silence or shouting, your experience is suffering. Knowing is more than half the battle. Put on your best Sherlock Holmes cap and join us for the really important work of understanding your customer’s journey.

solutionSolution: Customer Experience Investigation™

Customer Experience Investigation™ is a process including many different parts. By identifying your touchpoints, and how you’re doing with them, our CXI® Touchpoint Inventory & Evaluation tool prioritizes where to invest first. We interview customers, employees, and former customers and create meaningful ways to collect information about the true customer journey.

We walk through the process ourselves so you have first-hand, yet third-party, viewpoints. The CXI® Digital Experience Evaluations consider the ways customers interact with your organization via all the digital channels. Then we dive deeper, micro mapping the experiences that require attention, are known issues, or potential opportunities. Couple that with some marketplace and competitive benchmarking and you create lower churn rates, increased loyalty and positive word-of-mouth.


Creating Fewer Ruined Days for Customers

We’re Dedicated to Creating Fewer Ruined Days for Customers

Understanding your experience is something we’re so passionate about we’ve dedicated our entire company to it. We don’t sell anything regarding execution. We aren’t trying to get you to sign up for a new web site from us or sign a contract for a customer experience design consulting process.

I started this company with that philosophy so we provide a truly unbiased, third-party viewpoint. Anyone selling anything evaluates the situation with a skewed perspective. We use our unbiased perspective to serve the best enlightened leaders out there.


How do you currently understand your customer’s experience? Could you do better? Let us know.

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