This Simple but Clever Customer Care Idea Will Inspire You

by Anne Reuss

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This is a Public Service Announcement: Good guys don’t finish last in customer service!

The pressure to stay competitive is more prevalent now. Who has the “raddest and baddest” mobile site? Who came up with the most creative social media campaign or packaging design for bandages? August’s micromoment of the Month is here to remind us the simple act of caring will prevail.

Bruce Wegner knows how to find the winners. He shared this text from his service provider when he sent his jeep in for some special attention:

Taking the edge off


When coming up with customer care ideas, ask two foundational question before anything else:

1) What would the customer appreciate the most? What are they feeling?

2) What is the most effective way to satisfy those needs? Let’s not be a total bore either!

So let’s break down this example. A customer just handed over what was probably their primary mode of transportation which does not come with cheap maintenance.  Therefore, their feelings most likely include:

  • Anxiety. Most people are rather attached to their cars.
  • Suspicion. Customers are curious to know exactly what’s being done, and often wonder if time is being spent efficiently and fairly.
  • High expectations. Customers will be severely disappointed if the car doesn’t come back better than its original state.

How can these customers feel better, especially if they’re new customers with prior bad experiences (who hasn’t had them with their own car?). The ABRA puts their customers at ease by remembering 2 key things about their customers:

  • They’re not sitting by their computers expecting an email from an auto body shop. But their phones are probably attached to them!
  • Their lump of metal is personal to them. Very personal.

Aha! A text message for the customer missing their car would be much more effective, quick to provide comfort, humble and personal.

It was not difficult for our team to concur that this text smashed any slick contenders for our Microinteaction of the Month.

While we are tireless advocates of delightful moments and customer-focused innovation, sometimes the kicker is found in a simple act of caring.

Superficial gimmicks, expensive and outsourced campaigns or catchy slogans are not the fast lane to your customer’s happiness.

If you’re a small to medium sized business, you could have a serious advantage.

Instead of wondering about how much fun you can have with your budget, like coming up with the “raddest and baddest” mobile website, you have to create a customer care strategy focused on quality and customer emotion.

You don’t have to finish last in customer service. When was the last time vanity won customers over?

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