Connecting with Customers In The Moment: How These Brands Nailed It

by Jeannie Walters

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Customers live in the moment.

There are many things we can do to create memorable moments for customers. Funny signs, thoughtful gifts, and sincere messages are all great things to help improve the experience. But sometimes the things that leave a lasting impression aren’t dazzling and delightful. Considering who your customers are and what they’re experiencing in the moment can say a lot about how much your organization really cares about them.

Think of what even your satisfied customers might exclaim while interacting with your brand. Here are some examples:

I’m blind as a bat!

Those of you who wear contacts will understand: Trying to care for your lenses while they are out can be a real challenge. Alcon knows that when customers are using this product, one with very poor eyesight may have a hard time distinguishing whether or not the cap is still on these tiny droppers. Adding this red tip makes it easy to tell, and take good aim!

Alcon is Connecting with customers by adding high visibility

I have suburban sprawl syndrome!

It can be hard to tell one store from another in a strip mall without standing back to look at overhead signage or rubbernecking to see through the glare to what’s inside as you walk along. This LensCrafters location found a clever way to make them easy to find by adding their branding to something functional.

LensCrafters is connecting with customers with special signage

I have a case of the bigs and littles!

I know I’m not alone when I say I now watch more online video from all over the world than live American TV. The Smithsonian Channel on YouTube wants you to understand how very massive this shark is, regardless of where you are and how you measure length. Since the narrator was describing the shark’s enormity in metric terms, they made certain someone like me, who can’t very well visualize a meter, gets the idea. Guess who hit the Subscribe button? 😉

the Smithsonian Channel is connecting with customers by providing measurement conversions

I can’t even…!

The makers of Halls cough drops just know that if you happen to be unwrapping one of these, you’re not just ill. You’re also tired and wondering how on Earth you’ll make it through the day, and you might even be trying to get some work done. I’m not one to get true inspiration from a wrapper, but these messages made me chuckle and perked me up. If ever you were stuffed up, achy, behind on your work and thinking “I can’t even…” Halls knows.

Halls is connecting with customers by adding inspirational messages to wrappers

You don’t need to know the person to make it personal.

Neutralizing pain points in the customer journey is essential to providing a good experience. But consider not just what is “wrong” with the experience, but who and where your customers are when they interact with your brand. You can be connecting with customers in ways that make them say, “I don’t know why I like them so much, I just do.”

What situational challenges may your customers face from their own viewpoint?

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Jeannie Walters

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