Charge Up Your Content Marketing Strategy for the New Year: Read The Invisible Sale by Tom Martin

by Jeannie Walters

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Have you ever experienced that moment when you THOUGHT you were doing something right, only to realize you could do it so, so much better? That’s the moment I kept having while I was reading The Invisible Sale by Tom Martin.

I knew from the beginning I’d like the premise of this book – the subtitle is “How to Build a  Digitally Powered Marketing and Sales System to Better Prospect, Qualify, and Close Leads.” But I also thought it would be slightly old news for me. Since starting 360Connext in 2009, our focus on marketing has been about leveraging content marketing (mostly blogging) and social media to reach those who want to interact with us. I thought I was pretty good at it.

But then as I read this book, I kept having those moments.

“OMG! Why aren’t we doing it THIS way??”


content marketing strategy

Author Tom Martin, who I met at a book event earlier this year but have “known” via Twitter for many years, breaks down a powerful system into totally do-able action items. He literally labels it the “Painless Prospecting” approach. Who doesn’t want painless? Yes, please. I especially appreciated how the idea of building relationships (and not necessarily JUST with prospects) is woven into this entire book. That’s the only way it works, and Martin is not afraid to say that. He also tackles the challenges of the harried business leader who doesn’t feel he or she has time to produce original, educational content.

Just how actionable is this book?

Martin takes each part of the content marketing approach – video, photography, podcasts, etc. – and includes not just why and how in a general sense but also what equipment is good, better and best for the job. Since we are starting podcasting in 2014, I took the list literally and ordered what Martin recommends.

While I want you to read this book, here are a few things anyone can learn about their own content marketing strategy:

1. The medium AND the message matter, so know the rules of webinars versus podcasts versus blog posts, for example.

2. Have a system for the entire funnel, which is really more of a sales radar. But understand it’s all about people. Sometimes humans don’t fit neatly into the process.

3. Understand your entire content ecosystem to better leverage and repurpose your content in smart ways.

I did have one thought as I finished digging in to The Invisible Sale. While this a truly fantastic guide book for anyone interested in growing a business through smart content marketing, some of the success IS about the person involved. Tom Martin is a genuine and passionate guy who is known for helping others. (The book is no exception!) I’m not sure if just anyone can be like him. But it sure would be nice if more people were. If this book makes that happen, then that would be a very good thing.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some content action plans to improve.

Order your copy of the paperback paperback or download the Kindle edition today at

I did receive this book as part of the price of the event I attended. I was not asked to review it and the link above is not an affiliate link. I just think you should read this book! -Jeannie Walters

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