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How Do You Solve 2020’s Most Common CX Problems? Start Here.

Forrester, Oracle, and others predict plenty of customer experience challenges for the near future. Anxiety is ramping up for senior leaders focused on customer experience, and it's not difficult to understand why. Image credit: Forrester According to Forrester's 2020 Predictions, ...
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3 Ideas to Improve Your Voice of the Customer Methodology

How do you make your Voice of the Customer plan more meaningful? Four words: More customer, more voice. Quick Voice of the Customer Overview You are probably familiar with the term Voice of the Customer, often referred to with the shorthand ...
Dashboards are helpful... and easy to ignore.

How emotions influence education

Do you know how your learners feel about their learning experiences? The more we learn about emotions, the more we realize they influence everything we think and do. 1.Emotions drive decisions for learners and customers alike. Emotions are driving our decisions, ...
How Emotions Influence Education

Be Wary of “The Year of the Customer”

Charging into the new year, it's easy to want to name what's ahead of us. I am seeing a few enthusiastic sorts claiming 2020 will be "The Year of Experience," "When Experience Finally Wins" or "The Year of the Customer." ...
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20 CX Commitments for 2020

I'm weirdly excited about this year. 2020 - a year of vision! (See what I did there?) This time of year is all about the BIG plans. We're going to eat healthier, get better sleep and drink more water, right? ...
CX in 2020

Revisiting Our Top 10 Most Popular CX Posts Of 2019

2020 is Almost Here... With the new year -- and the new decade! -- just two weeks away, we're all turning our attention to where CX will go in 2020 and beyond. And while I'm all about looking forward more ...
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‘Tis the Season to Find Pain Points in Your Retail Customer Journey

When Santa delivers stress... As December furiously barrels on toward the holidays, your customers will become more and more hurried and stressed as they try to find the perfect gifts. How well will your retail experience handle it? Do you ...
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How Learning Well Can Improve the Experience for Customers

The goal of learning in any workplace is to be, well, better. Better at serving customers. Better at increasing efficiency. Better at employee development. Better at staying ahead of the competition. All of that is achievable with the options in learning today, but ...
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5 Ways to Instill Customer Focused Values Throughout your Organization

Customer Experience Leaders Have a Global Customer Focus Even after over a decade of helping small and large businesses alike, I still meet leaders who believe that Customer Experience is just about so much call-center scripts or proper protocol around ...
customer focus lead by listening

CX Education Never Stops: Lessons in Learning for Every CX Leader

Do you consider yourself a life-long learner? Most successful people are. Bill Gates famously reads more than 50 books per year and has stated that you don't get old until you stop learning. Better yet, lifelong learning leads to a ...
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