10 Most Popular Posts to Start Your Customer Centric Year

by Anne Reuss

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If you’re like me and the kitchen is considered Danger Zone (some naughty Elf seems to keep putting leftover sweets in my line of sight) and you need distraction, snack on these posts your customers are hoping you’ll read!

customer centric

The following are the 10 posts written in 2013 our readers found the most interesting:

  1. What IS a customer touchpoint? In fact, this blog post is our second most popular piece of content on the site…only outranked by the strangely popular “a thank you” post Jeannie wrote innocently that ranks like crazy. It’s hilarious. Anyway, the title says it all – so much of customer experience revolves around a touchpoint – so you can’t improve it without understanding what it is!
  2. How Do You Define Customer Advocacy? Customers don’t belong under one category. Knowing where they fall will allow you to pay better attention to more customers. 
  3. Workplace Psychology and The Curse of the Cursed Jeannie helps you understand some people are just…cursed and can’t always be fixed, so it’s best to have them take it elsewhere.
  4. Customer Experience Death By Design Heard of Death by Powerpoint? Same thing happens with customer experience. It’s not just about looks but how you deliver.
  5. B2B Customer Retention Strategies During Growth Business growth is often equated with acquisition, but what about remembering your current customers and keeping them happy? That.
  6. Want to be a Customer Focused Organization? Do you? Read on. (One of my favorite tips: Playfulness. Neuroscience is supporting that people are at their best when they have time to play.)
  7. Rackspace Gets Fanatical About Customer Experience Jeannie’s lucky I like her so much, because this seems to be a wicked cool company to work for…..just kidding! Ha ha. It’s a great look into how Rackspace, #1 in the hosting and cloud computing industry and named one of the top 100 places to work for, is fanatical about customer experience. Coincidence? NO.
  8. Execs Still Don’t Get Customer Experience Why? Why? Sigh. It involves some pretty wild statistics to prove this bold statement, too.
  9. The Value of Customer Experience During the first Global Customer Experience Day it made sense to explain to the non believers why Customer Experience is NOT a fad. And it’s always good to remind ourselves why our organizations benefit from being customer centric.
  10. 7 Ways Bad Customer Experience Teaches Business Growth You can save the day! A guest post from Stefanie Amini explains how a bad situation can be turned into an opportunity to amaze your customers.

So there you have it. The 10 most popular posts of 2013! If you’re looking to shake up things in 2014 for the better, there are two things you may do:

1. Save those posts for reading: Add it to Pocket, bookmark it, mail it to yourself….(Pocket is one of my all time favorite apps discovered in 2013).

2. Tell us what you’d like to see more from us in 2014 so we can help you absolutely dominate customer experience strategy and your customer’s overall experience and sentiment towards you and your business.

  • Do you need more case studies and examples?
  • Are you hoping to learn more about strategy and methods (journey mapping, surveys, etc)?
  • Interested in how you can leverage customer experience from certain positions within the company or your industry (marketing, technology, retail, healthcare…)?
  • Have we missed a topic you’d like to explore more in depth? Hit us with your best shot!

customer centric

Happy New Year and thank you for being such an important part of our community!

Photo credit: Normaron Fishion via Creative Commons

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