10 Most Popular Posts and Milestones of 2012

by Anne Reuss

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2012I love how when I’m working on digging up popular posts from 2012, Mrs. Gini Dietrich comes out with a tool that is really helpful.  Apparently there’s a method to finding out your most popular posts of 2012 in Google Analytics! So we’re going to share those with you and include some milestones. Thanks to Gini and Adam Singer, who created the analytics dashboard.

Our whooping number one is….
User Experience vs Customer Experience. Debatable topics make great conversation. There is always a case of the chicken and egg debate. All customers are users,  but are all users customers?  How does the user-centric experience approach differ from the customer experience?  It’s a question worth evaluating time to time.

2. A Thank You.  Jeannie just thanked her readers.  Even if the post didn’t get shared much it came in second. As you might expect, people really want to be appreciated.  I thought it was worth pointing out.  Showing gratitude should be a habit.

3. Customer or Company Mission? A flight attendant reportedly lashed out at passengers (who were taking it out on him) and the Chief Investigator of the incident did a good job of bringing up the point of making the customer experience anchored in your mission. Take a good look at your policy and ask if it’s customer centric.

4.  How Zappos Uses Metrics for a Wow Customer Experience A guest post can be a good thing! Ashley Furness investigated Zappos and shares her insight with us.

5. Trends Influencing Customer Experience Trends….are trendy. No surprise here! Access, IRL (in real life), Decentralization and Failure are the four trends.

6. How NOT to Ask for Customer Feedback The title says it all. It will help  prevent you from annoying customers.

7. How did Your Customer Experience get on the Naughty List? (Infographic) Number seven! A round of applause to Jason Dabrowski for helping 360Connext achieve a milestone.

8. Customers will behave differently in 2013 Perfect timing! It’s about hating on brands, mobile, peer collaboration and brand dating (instead of loyalty).

9. I’m cheating a little and bringing in #11 because I love a good debate. Loyalty is Dead. Jeannie made this powerful statement at beginning of the year. Let us know if you think it’s true! It’s kind of scary to see evidence from 2012 that makes her argument valid – Instagram’s fiasco is a good example.

10. Not a post but an epic milestone for us. Ever felt scolded by a piece of technology? Yeah, that makes a brand lose customers, and micromoments don’t show up in reports. We have a slideshare: micromoments Lead to Major Engagement.  Jeannie’s TEDx video also covers the topic. It’s funny, informative AND it’s actionable.

I hope these popular posts help you prepare for 2013! Happy New Year!

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